12 Days and Counting

  • Well the movie was "Step Brothers." I would be feel comfortable saying it is not on many best film lists but it makes laugh ... a lot. "Hey Derek, Sprechen Sie Dick!" I love it.
  • I posted this on Facebook but wanted to share here as well. I watched American Masters: Pearl Jam Twenty on PBS. And it is awesome. Easily one of my favorite bands. Feel fortunate to have seen them live twice. Watching them in Missoula in 1998 at Grizzly Stadium was one of the best times I have had in my life. Thank you Pearl Jam for the music and the memories.
  • Something to think about. The U.S. increased spending on prisons 600% in 20 years. Spending on education per capita has been flat. We are jailing minds not just bodies.
  • It has been about a month since I had the Mountain Dew. All that processed sugar was not good for me so we had to break it off. Plue the Dew would not sign the pre-nup. Just sticking with hot tea and iced tea right now.
  • Not much else to report except that we are just waiting on that baby.
  • Yes I have lots and lots of pictures of Kyle, but I am running out of current ones as I was not quite prepared for the countdown to Baby Shifley. Fortunately I was able to get a nice one of him at his soccer class. He was having a good time.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. I think Mountain Dew is what got me through high school. I don't think I could turn my back on it any more that I could a family member. I only have it about once or twice a month.
    And seriously, don't ever worry about a "no news" post. I've got plenty of them.

  2. Hard to believe...Pearl Jam...20 years. Wow I feel old!

    Here's another thing on education: Americans have lost ground in education as well, with graduation levels and attainment taking a dive to 1970 levels.

    You do know that baby #2 is usually EARLY, right? Be ready Freddy.

  3. MAN have I missed those cute pictures!


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