11 Days and Counting

It has been a little selfish of me not to mention that Kyle's mom is awesome. Despite being tired, extremely pregnant, uncomfortable, nervous, anxious, restless, and dealing with three boys all day long, she has been amazing. Kyle, Tank, and I can be on the little high maintenance side some days, and she handles us like a pro. I am sure here are days when she probably wishes we would all go play leap frog with a unicorn. Maybe even a quadricorn. But she doesn't. She just loves us and we love her too. I just felt it was important that I point out and recognize the most important person in the Shifley boy's world, the wonderful Mrs. Shife. Thank you love of mine.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


Ms. Moon said…
We know. But it's nice for you to tell it out loud.
billy pilgrim said…
you can shower the missus in candy november 1.

i'm going to stock up on peanut butter cups.
silly rabbit said…
Yay for the Mrs! I do not doubt a second that she is ultra special. I can't imagine that you would pick a wife who wasn't.

Ha... it was with some hesitation that I clicked your quadricorn link... because of some of the other links I've found here in the past. Hee hee. I just never know what surprise to expect. =;]
Red said…
If you hadn't linked to 'quadricorn" I would have sworn that was a Shife original. Best unsolicited advice? Rub her feet and stay off her nerves :-)
Phats said…
So exciting!! AND YAY for Mrs SHife :0)

Valerie said…
It goes without saying, but I'm so glad you did.
texlahoma said…
My kids are grown up now but when they were at home, it seemed like their mom was the Sun and we were the planets that revolved around her.
Sounds like your situation my be similar.
To use a hick expression,
"You done good."
Jay Noel said…
Smart move. Gotta give those mothers their kuddos.

That quadricorn is badass!