Before and After

We traded in our 2004 Mazda 3 for a 2010 Ford Fusion.

And I traded in my 14-year-old poser tribal arm band for an updated look.

I was hoping to share one more surprise with everyone but I am still waiting on that one. Everything is going good for the Shifes as we are enjoying the last days of summer and waiting for Kyle's little brother or sister to get here. Got a little under 8 weeks to go. And I would be in a lot of trouble if I did not include a picture of the little man.


  1. Sweet new ride shife, can you buy us one next? ha! Nice tat how much did it hurt?


  2. Thank you Phats. Didn't exactly want a car payment but needed some more room with another Shife on the way. The tattoo did not hurt but I am use to pain being a Vandal fan for nearly 25 years. GO BOILERS!!

  3. I can't believe you are having the baby so soon. When you start posting pictures of both I think it will be adorableness overload. You really do have the most adorable little guy! I just love the pictures so much!

  4. Thanks RG. He has won me over for sure.

  5. I like the Fusion. A friend has one and I really enjoy the ride.

    Oooh the tattoo update is impressive. You are brave. Hmmm how can it NOT hurt?

    Oooo you sure know how to keep in your friends good books by posting pics of the Kyle. Thank you.

  6. I'm torn between getting my first tattoo touched up, or getting them all removed. Big difference between the two, but I've at least considered it. The update on yours is very good work. There's nothing worse than a bad tattoo.

  7. nice artwork on the arm. it was the next day or so putting on the lotion that made mine hurt like crazy.

    was that kyle's reaction when he saw the tattoo or the fusion?

  8. Nice ink! And very very nice little guy.

  9. Alright, I'm glad you bought a Ford, they didn't take any bailout money.

    The tat looks great, you guys are tougher than me, I'd have to be forced to get one.

    (Word verification sentence)
    I ate a fried green MATER today.

  10. Great updates on the car and the tattoo. I like the color version.
    I'm very anxious to see the 2011 Shife model when it comes out. =:]

    And yes, I do come here for pics of Kyle so good call on that one. Thanks!

    Oh and get a lot of rest now.

  11. @Val - Well it can hurt but I guess it is one of those things that doesn't bother me too much since it is my third time getting it done. I am sure if I got a tattoo in a certain spot I would probably be in tears.

    @Jon - I say you get it fixed because maybe the artist can fix it up real nice.

    @BP - Kyle saw The Hoff.

    @Leah - Thank you.

    @Texlahoma - The tat definitely was more of a process than 14 years ago. Pretty sure I will add a little more to it next year and then I am done.

    @Silly Rabbit - Looking forward to seeing the 2011 Shife as well. =)

  12. Cool new car!

    I kinda want another tat and I kinda don't at the same time. Like the update.

    Small Shife is a-dor-a-ble.

  13. Great upgrades, I would say!

    Is your son doing an impression of Macaulay Culkin putting on cologne? I would make my kids do goofy shit like that all the time.

    NO BULLSHIT: My word verification right now is "undies."

  14. Lots of changes...I hope big brother is ready!

  15. HEY MR. SHIFE!!! Sorry I've been excuse really other than I had a colonoscopy. Glad to see you're doing well.

    It kinda freaks me out how much your little dude has grown up. My youngest started Kindergarten. Damn. I'm gonna be getting colonoscopies every week soon, aren't I?

    Take care and may the Dude be with you!


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