V is for Visitors

Just wanted to personally thank all the people who stopped by the Shifley household this week.
  • Injury Bug - Tweaked my knee playing soccer and it swelled up quite nicely. It looked like a yak's testicle but structurally still sound so hopefully it will be OK after some rest.
  • Diarrhea Bear - Kyle blew out his diapers twice this week during the middle of the night, and it was so bad that it leaked onto the floor. So when he woke up upset in the middle of the night because he crapped his pants Mrs. Shife's foot found a nice surprise two nights in a row.
  • Mud Butt Fairy - The mighty Tankster got into some human food - which he hardly ever gets - and it created a little havoc with his elimination process. He pooped but a little of it remained on his fur so we were not happy with the smell and Tank was not happy that I had to wipe his butt.
  • A/C Repairman - We hit triple digits this past weekend, and our conditioned air machine decided to break down. It was hot and the 7-month pregnant wife was really not happy that the house was hotter than 2 rats having sexual relations in a wool sock.
  • Dishwasher Technician - We decided our dishwasher finally had to be replaced after it leaked about a gallon of water on the kitchen floor. Always fun to walk into a room and see a giant puddle on the floor.
  • Headache Central - Besides being very pregnant, stepping in poo, going without A/C for more than a day, Mrs. Shife got a little sick this week and the bug brought with it some major headache pains. There is not much she can take for it because she is with child so not a good week for my lovely wife.
  • Trip Dick - And with all of that stuff going on we decided to cancel a trip to visit with the family at the lake.
Hope all is well with you and yours.

And here is a picture of the little man taking his first train ride.


  1. OMG what an upsetting week you've had. Somewhat messy to say the least. I'm praying for cooler weather for your lovely wife. Keep calm, both of you.

    PS I've never seen rats having sex in a wool sock...grins.

  2. What a rough week! I hope you are all doing better now!

  3. Pooh and pain- the two staples of family life.
    I'm sorry. I hope this next week is a better one.

  4. Still trying to imagine two rats having sex in a wool sock...

    Would it really be that warm???

  5. Its all fun and games at Shife House!
    Lots of great visuals entered my head with this post! (As usual)
    Sorry to hear that things were so... ah... shitty! I hope the lovely Mrs. Shife is feeling much better.
    I'm sure the air conditioner working again will help. She has my deepest sympathy.
    Roxy decided to poop and then ran into the house to drag her butt across my clean carpet the other day. The man laughed, but I screamed out loud and ran for the carpet cleaner... being sure to take the time to chase her with it.
    Hopefully she won't repeat this offense.

  6. I just caught your relatively subtle clues in your previous posts. You guys are having baby #2?! Awesome! Just so you know, it's not easier the second time around...

  7. blame it on obama, it seems everyone is blaming him for something these days.

    better look after those knees. you only have 3 of them you know.

  8. I think if you can take all of that and still smile, you're doing a good job at it. Believe me, we all have weeks like that.

  9. Hopefully you got a whole bunch of crap out of the way this week and the next one will be better - for everyone!

    The rats in the wool sock made me laugh. A lot.

  10. Sounds like you did have a crappy week. Literally. Well, things can only get better. Hope you enjoyed the time away. Sounds like you needed it.

    Hang in there!!

  11. Okay...DUHHH! Re-read your last comment and realized you CANCELED your trip. :-(

    Sorry to hear that. Rats having sex in a wool sock. That's hot.

  12. So how did he like his first train ride?

    Sounds like a lot of crap going on there :) I think the worst would be no AC though, but who knows.

  13. Funny that you should mention yak's testicles, my nickname in high school was Yak Balls...not really.

    I hope the little man liked the train ride.

  14. I'd ask those visitors to leave and never come back.


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