Random Acts of Shifeness

  • Hey Derek, sprechen sie dick? That is a line from the movie "Step Brothers" and I really want to tell a few people that. I am 41 frickin' years old and I do not want to do with family drama. Grow the hell up, quit acting like you are 12, and lay off the passive-aggressive juice.
  • Speaking of drama, anyone else feel like a bunch of teenagers are running things in DC? Grow a pair, do your job, and quit playing the blame game with the media.
  • It took a few episodes but I finally warmed up to "Wilfred."
  • Hard to believe I am going to be the father of 2 - well 3 if you count Tank - in about 3.5 months. Still seems surreal that another Baby Shife is on the way.
  • Mrs. Shife is looking forward to meeting Baby Shife but she is not enjoying being 6-months pregnant in the middle of summer. As she has mentioned she is not exactly "glowing" this time around.
  • Sploosh sploosh
  • FTP or find the positive is my new mantra. I post some positive messages on Twitter during the week and do my best to be a glass half-full kind of dude. We also put a quote board in the bathroom to help remind us to don't worry, be happy.
  • Does anyone else get bored with the Internet? I have several sites that I hit on a daily basis but after I am done, I am done. Does anyone have some website recommendations?
  • Alright I am going to place a gay ad for a certain relative so he gets some really neat phone calls. I guess that is not finding the positive but it is funny. And sometimes funny is good medicine.


  1. Oh what a great pic of happy K!
    I do get bored with the internet sometimes... ok, fairly often.
    FTP...lol... I thought at first you meant F* the police! I wondered what had happened.
    Relatives can be really awful sometimes. The problem is you still gotta live with them. =:(
    Have a wonderful weekend Shife... take good care of all of you. I feel for the Mrs. Summer time and pregnancy do not mix!

  2. Thanks Silly Rabbit.

  3. Oh yes, that's the happiest little face in the universe. Kyle definitely manages to stir the heart. Won't it be lovely having two happy children?
    I too get bored with the internet, once the blog is dealt with there's nothing else to interest me. Hope your summer allows you to have a great weekend.

  4. My wife was pregnant during summer as well, and was not a fan.
    I'm the same way with my Internet usage, although many years ago I disconnected it for that reason. Dumb move, but it made sense at the time.

  5. That's a great pic, looks like a calender or something professional like that.

    I don't know if you watched much of the original Star Trek, but I can just hear Spock saying

    "Jim, I'm going to be a father of 2 in approximately 3.5 months."

    "It was a dark and lonely night on Nigel 4, approximately 5.5 months ago..."

  6. is it just me or does kyle look a little like henry fonda?

  7. @Val - I am still not sold on 2 kids mostly because I am scared about how I am going to handle it but I hope it will be lovely.

    @Jon - I get bored with it but I think I am too hooked to disconnect. It would be tough to not have at all.

    @Texlahoma - I did watch some Star Trek and your dialogue is right on. And we did have a pro shoot the pics.

    @BP - I can see that especially with his hat.

  8. I can't believe it is getting so close to you having a second child. Awesome! Sorry your wife is not loving being pregnant in the summer though.

    I am pretty bored with the internet lately too. Maybe it's a summer thing?

  9. wow long time no see!..happy ur still raisin a ruckus Shifey~!

  10. I like the new look on your blog. Or did you change it a while ago and I'm a dork for just noticing it now? D'oh!

    I LOVE your FTP thing. I'm totally copying it and going to put a quote board in my bathroom too. Do I owe your royalties or anything?

    I was 7 months preggers in Summer and it does suck. I feel for your wife.

    I get bored with the Internet too and usually eat whenever I'm bored. Mostly Goldfish Crackers because that's all my kids eat and all we ever seem to have on hand.

    Baby Shife #2 will be here sooner than you know...twice the poop, twice the love! ;-)

  11. @Radioactive Girl - Sometimes it does seem really cool that we are having another kid but other times I just get feelings of being overwhelmed because I don't know if I can handle it but I know it will be fine.

    @ WomanHonorThyself - Welcome back. It has been a while. Hope you are doing well.

    @RC - It is a new look I added recently so you are not going crazy. Just pay it forward, RC, that is all you owe me. I also had some of those silicone bracelets made & they have FTP written on them to remind me on a daily basis. If you would like one just let me know and I can send it over. And if anyone else wants one let me know.

  12. I feel for the Mrs. Shife. I was prego with my first child the whole summer. I remember it as the summer my ankles disappeared and it was impossible to wear shoes much less tie them...

    Websites that make me laugh are awkardfamilyphotos.com also Have you tried the Stumbleupon.com I use it a lot when I am bored of the same ole' same ole'

  13. Love that picture great pic!

    You seem really pissed in the first two bullet points I love it :) I get bored with the net too, but then I usually log off and read a book or watch tv, when I get bored with that back to the net it's a vicious cycle.

    I see the donkeys are too scared to play Idaho anymore, figures

  14. "Howdddyyy neighbor like we say in I D A HOOOOO--- lol " Loved ur blog!


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