Just sayin'

I don't want to brag or be boastful, and I don't mean to show off my son again, but I have to share the light of my life. It is moments like this that really drive home what is important in life. I may not have money, beauty, or glamour, but I have my family. And after putting together this video and seeing it more than a few times, I feel like the richest man in the world. I love being this boy's daddy and I thank Mrs. Shife for giving me the greatest gift I have ever received. Kyle helps me find the positive in this life of mine and I feel so blessed to wake up to spend the day with the cutest little boy I know.
Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.


  1. I may not have money, beauty, or glamour, but I have my family.

    But you do. Think about it! I watched the video three times and will sneak another before I leave here. Kyle is so adorable. Happy, happy, happy Father's Day.

    Love your new look, by the way.

  2. My sentiments exactly. I knew long ago I was never going to be rich, famous or successful in business, especially if I stayed in Tallahassee. I knew it was my family that was the most important thing to me. Happy Father's Day to you as well.

  3. You seem to be taking the old advice "Stop and smell the roses."
    Which is a very good thing to do in life.

  4. What a great way to start my morning! Just hearing the little man laugh cracks me up. I have to tell you... you are indeed a lucky man.
    Beautiful wife,handsome son, and Tank! Great video Shife. I think I'll go watch it again.
    Have a very happy Father's Day!

  5. Oh yes. Happy Father's Day! I could watch this video over and over again. You guys have it figured out. What glorious laughter!

  6. Awww thats lovely, Happy Fathers Day to you Xxxx

  7. Happy Father's Day Shife! One day your kiddos will really come to know just how awesome their Dad is. And it won't be just because you lent them the car keys. ;-)

  8. happy father's day!

    i wish you were my dad.

  9. Life is good! Grab it by the horns!

    Very, very happy for you. Proud Papa!

  10. Just catching up...

    That is so priceless!!! Like Valerie, I watched that video like four times!

    Life is truly good, Mr. Shife.

    Hope you had a wonderful Father's Day!


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