10 Things I Love This Week

  1. When I ask someone the following question "Kyle what is your name?" and the answer I get is "Tank Tank."
  2. Summer. Thank you for finally arriving.
  3. Kyle discovering what happens when you drink orange juice after you brush your teeth.
  4. The face Kyle made after his discovery, and then he proceeded to wipe his tongue on my shirt for a good minute.
  5. Twitter. I don't know why but I guess I am enjoying it more. The last time it felt like a horrible one-stand that left me with a of case of anal warts. But this time Twitter and I are taking it slow. If you want to say hi it is just @mrshife.
  6. Halfway there with Steve (the name Kyle calls the baby) and so far so good. We had the ultrasound where we could find out what we are having and it turns out we are having a baby. I tried to persuade Mrs. Shife but she wants to wait.
  7. The finales of "The Killing" and "Game of Thrones" and can't wait for their new seasons.
  8. Meeting a high school classmate I had not seen since high school.
  9. Meeting a dude named Dokken. Yes his parents named him after these guys. And I rocked out to them in high school but definitely did not think naming a kid after them. If I named a kid after a favorite band in high school his or her name might have been Poison.
  10. This picture of the my little man doing some big pimpin'.


  1. If Starscream is still a no-go, and Deuce is no good, what does Mrs. Shife think about Dokken? That kid would HAVE to rock.

  2. How about Lemmy? :)

    Game of Thrones rocked my socks. Even though I knew what was going to happen I couldn't wait to watch it. Sad to have to wait until next Spring but at least book 5 comes out in a few weeks...

    Mr. Kyle is a tad over-dressed for summertime. But still hella cute.

  3. 1. For me summer came and went in April!
    2. Like Mrs Shife I would want to wait.
    3. I can't get my head round Twitter but I'll say Hi next time I pass through.
    4. Cutie boy just gets cuter.
    5. Still blushing after nice remarks on my blog.
    6. Have a great weekend.

  4. Each time I was pregnant I wanted to wait to find out but never could.

    Kyle is adorable! (as always)

  5. #5 I hate it when that happens!

    #9 My daughter, Molly Hatchet, loves her name, but my son, Frank Zappa, isn't too happy with his.

  6. Good list. Cute boy.
    I'm glad you're having a baby as opposed to, oh, I don't know...an adult. That will be much easier on Mrs. Shife.

  7. You have no idea the number of dumb children's names I see in my line of work, yet none none for any 80's bands. Yet.

  8. I met some kids who were named for Lord of the Rings characters. =:/

    Congratulations on the new one on the way! Yay! Now you'll have twice the "discovery" moments and all the sibling rivalry moments to enjoy! Not to forget the why does she have or not have issue if its a girl. Ha!

    How will new baby ever live up to the cute factor of Kyle? Oh, excuse me..."Tank" as he is calling himself.

  9. man, you gotta know what you're having so you can start buying the right toys!

  10. Lookit dat little man. Big pimpin' indeed.

  11. I'm @thqueenofadvice. Yeah, I know...

  12. I love your posts on loving life!!! You inspire me when I need inspiration!!

  13. Kyle calls the baby, "Steve?" Have you ever seen this movie: The Tao of Steve. LOL!!


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