More Randomness from The Shifeness

  • Seriously JC, did you have to schedule the rapture on Saturday, May 21? I already have plans my man ... “Jersey Shore” marathon oh righteous one. I think everyone would find it much more agreeable if you could push this out to Monday. Nobody likes Mondays. Something to think about there messiah, and this is totally going to end my consecutive days alive streak.
  • I think this might be a sign from the universe that it is time to cut back on the TV especially since Steve is on the way. And Steve would be the name that Kyle gave the baby. Anyway, I have had 4 shows I liked cancelled on me: “Terriers”, “Lights Out”, “The Chicago Code”, and “Breaking In”.
  • Speaking of Steve, I have not met the other host of “Blue’s Clues” yet but I have heard from some excellent sources that he stinks. Fortunately we are still in the Steve era.
  • Kyle gets some morning light in his bedroom around 6, and he is usually up and ready to roll a few minutes later. Well I finally got tired of getting up that early and actually used that thing between my ears. I put up some window film that is keeping the light out and the little man did not get up until 7:30, which is awesome. I am not a morning person but I feel a lot better at 7:30 than I do at 6 in the am.
  • Since Kyle is a sponge I had to quit listening to a lot of the podcasts I enjoy because they use too much adult language. I got back into music and right now I am really enjoying Stone Sour and Shinedown. Anybody have some musical suggestions for me?
  • Do you think a prison inmate puts “It’s Complicated” as his/her relationship status on Facebook?
  • And my tip of the week: If you want to lose 15 pounds quickly then move your bathroom scale from a hard surface to carpet, and you will have great success.

I hope everyone gets to watch the video so you can see that I am doing an excellent job of raising my son. I think this is going to be exhibit A when they prosecute me and make him a ward of the court, and it looks like crazy didn't skip a generation.


  1. Blocking out the early morning sun was a good idea. Wish I'd thought of that when my lad was little. Still it takes brains, something I didn't possess. Aww loved the video of the little man.

  2. We put our guy to bed a little later than most, usually around 9:45, and he gets up around 7:30 or so. It's not a bad idea to use the sun blocker. It's also a good idea about limiting the language around the little guy. We're trying to do the same, but it's hard. There are things I don't want to hear him yell around my parents.

  3. We had to put aluminum foil on our kids bedroom window (part of it) for the very same reason. They should put kids rooms on the West side of the house when designing houses.

  4. i had the opposite problem. as an early riser i needed someone to play with so i would knock on the wall and the dog would bark like crazy.

    music - i'm not there soundtrack.

  5. LOL "Still in the Steve era."

  6. Have you seen the Tao of Steve? Badass. Go with Steve and not Steven. That way it's not even an option for him to go as Steven.

    Maybe he should go by Stevescream.

  7. He is so cute. I love it! Kids are so much fun because they will repeat anything and look so adorable when they do it.

    The most awful thing about kids is that once you finally get them to sleep well, and late, you end up having to wake them up every day for school. Why couldn't they do this when we had no schedule and no place to be??? It's like they know.

  8. My oldest gives me little music choice these days other than The Beatles, but when I sneak away for mom time I prefer Our Lady of Peace, Jason Mraz, Lori McKenna, Marc Scibilia, Thousand Foot Krutch, Warren Brothers, Leigh Nash, and of course my husband....I live in Nashville what can I say music is just as important as air, and I must say I love all kinds :)


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