Highlights of the week

  • Getting banned from Wikipedia for a period of infinity. Awesome.
  • I have also been banned from seeing The Spice Girls movie by Mrs. Shife, and I was denied entry to Canada for a few years. That is a good story but I will have to save that for another day.
  • Kyle finding his hat for the next royal wedding.

  • I am going to scare some of the religious nut jobs out there on "Judgment Day" and leave shoes with dry ice in them in their yard.
  • Speaking of Judgment Day, Tank is pretty excited because he heard that all dogs go to Heaven.
  • Hearing the words horse herpes in the news.
  • Watching "Bridesmaids."
  • Playing softball in the actual sunshine.
  • I was kind to my digestive system and just placed the Taco Bell burrito directly into the toilet.
Have a good one, and I guess if I don't hear from you then you got the "Beam me up, Goddy" signal.


  1. Heehee you mentioned Judgement Day on my blog, does this mean you're thinking of popping off to investigate? Kyle's hat is quite attractive, I know of a couple of princesses who might be interested!

  2. "Beam me up, Goddy!" That's great. Well, obviously I'm still here.

  3. If it is Judgement Day, I feel better knowing the Macho Man is clearing a path for us. Don't feel bad about the ban. The way I figure it, you can just get a new log in and use a different IP address and continue the fun.

  4. Happy Rapture. I hope it turns out to be everything you and Tank expect it to be.

    Personally, I'm having pizza, beer, and ice cream for dinner on my patio and then going looting after the righteous have been taken.

  5. my bags are packed and i'm sitting on the roof. i hope they have deadwood reruns up there.

  6. You got banned huh such a rebel. I know what you mean of playing softball we finally got sunshine for tennis it was great! Hey I heard your plea i have a new post up haha :)

  7. Banned from Wiki? Your stock in awesome just rocketed. Guess we both got to be bench warmers for the Rapture, lol.

  8. NOOO! Now having horrible spice girl flashbacks!

  9. I knew that Judgment day thing was wrong, God would never do that on a Saturday!
    Infinity! That's a long time, they'll be sorry if you become famous.
    Kyle looks splendid, I think that hat would also work for the Kentucky Derby.

  10. I didn't realize you could be banned from Wikipedia just for going to the University of Idaho! It's a good idea though.


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