Let's do this March

The days are getting longer, the temperature is getting warmer, and I am feeling the opposite of crestfallen now that the universe has started spooning with the third month of 2011. I did my best Keanu Reeves impersonation and said "Whoa" when I got to change the calendar. Being a stay-at-home Dad has definitely been an adjustment, and one of the hardest so far has been the cabin fever. Even though February is the shortest month it seemed to drag on and on this year and I am so ready for winter to be over. Besides that there are a few other items that make me very pleased that it is March
  • My little man and my lovely wife have birthdays this month. Is Kyle too young for a birthday stripper?
  • March Madness. The greatest sporting event in the history of sporting events. Not to be confused with World Cup Fever. Or Super Bowl Syphilis.
  • The Major League Soccer season gets under way as well as spring training for baseball. And in all fans hope springs eternal especially fans of the Cubs. No matter the circumstances, sports fans will always hope for the best and think that this year will be the year for their team. Fans of the Cubs have been hoping for more than 100 years.
  • Spring break. It has been a long time since we actually enjoyed a spring break but this year we are doing the pilgrimage south. I better get the thongs down to the dry cleaner.
  • Softball. It is time to shake off the rust and pretend that I am 32 for the next 7 months playing with friends on the ball field. And hopefully I don't do this or that.
  • And 11 years ago I got down on a knee and asked the love of my life to marry me. She said yes and I feel like the luckiest guy in the world having Mrs. Shife as my wife.

Mania thought my hat would look good on him as he posed for the camera. And his camo shirt did not do a good job of hiding his lunch, drool, and whatever else he thought went well with his outfit.


Ms. Moon said…
That boy is growing up so beautifully. Happy birthdays and all good anniversaries.
Jon said…
I hope every year the Cubs or the Indians will do something, and I set my expectations low. I still enjoy baseball season more than any other sport.
Phats said…
You had me til you mentioned soccer, not a sport sorry shife :) haha

LOVE LOVE LOVE march madness!!! Bring it on baby. Heels/Boilers match up?
Mr. Shife said…
@ Ms. Moon - Thank you, thank you. Always appreciate your kind words.

@ Jon - I used to like baseball a lot more but the greed and other garbage has left a bad taste in my mouth.

@ Phats - Oh my Boiler friend I need to take you to a soccer match so you can see how much of a sport it is. Looking forward to the Madness especially since the Heels will be back in it this year.
Phats said…
haha son of a football coach he taught me soccer is the guys that got cut from football :) haha. I think we commented on each others blogs at the same time
Valerie said…
I am also pleased February is out of the way... but so far March isn't proving to be much better - except it's lighter!
Happy Birthday to your favourite people and congratulations on 11 years of wedding bliss.
When my kids were smaller and I weren't in school yet, I remember February dragging on and taking forever. I remember a lot of pillow forts and a lot of fun indoor made up games.

Happy birthday to your son and wife this month!

Your little guy is so adorable. I know I say this every time, but he really is a cutie!
Terry Joy said…
Yes...Good by and Good riddance to February. I got the email about softball yesterday...the old lady kind...and I am wondering if I pretend I am a player again this year or sit on the side line and drink beer and cheer the younger, old women...things I ponder.

Congrats on 11 years and 1 beautiful young man!
Red said…
Definitely too young for a stripper (goof). Watch that softball beast this year. It's attracted to smashing the bejesus out of your legs.
texlahoma said…
Have fun on spring break!
Ananda girl said…
I am so ready for spring! Its been taking its time getting here.
As a Red Sox fan, I feel the Cub's pain!
That boy is an absolute delight!
Happy birthdays and anniversaries to all in your wonderful, happy family.
I remember those colors... YIKES!
billy pilgrim said…
yer a lucky guy having a favorite sports event that happens every year. i have to wait until 2014 but on the good side it's going to be in brazil!!

vancouver's getting an mls team this year. all i ask is that we beat toronto.

would the young middle eastern men be on a rampage right now if the world cup was being held this year?
I for one say he's not too young for a stripper. What you do to get that one through "headquarters" is say that you booked a clown. When the stripper comes dressed as a clown, no one can say you lied to them, right?

I should go get a vasectomy . . .
Jay Noel said…
Spring is in the air for sure, I just wish it would get above 50 degrees out here in the Lou.

Black and blue. I remember when you did that too. Ouch. I will get back onto the tennis courts myself soon, so I can relate.

You know you're getting old when as you leave to go play, your wife's goodbye ends with, "Don't hurt yourself."
just bob said…
The Cubs have a better chance of winning Major League Soccer than they do the World Series.

By the way... it's never to early for strippers.
Phats said…
By the way never too early for a bday stripper!
Crystal Posey said…
Birthdays and Anniversaries! Awesome! Congrats to y'all and happy birthday to them!