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Listening to country music always sends my brain spinning in some odd destinations but sometimes it is a worthwhile trip. Recently a song inspired me to keep a "Words of Wisdom" journal for Kyle. Some quotes and thoughts on life that might help or inspire him when he needs some guidance later on in his life. It will not include stuff like wash your hands, don't steal, buckle up, or respect your elders because hopefully he will not have to be reminded about these things when he is a young man if I do my job right. Other stuff I hope comes to him intuitively like don't pee in the wind or play leapfrog with a unicorn or fall in love with a stripper. Other lessons he will probably have to learn the hard way like getting over a broken heart or eating at an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet before a long road trip.

So any suggestions for words of wisdom or life lessons that have served you well over the years? If not you can just suggest gift ideas for my little pirate below as he will be turning 2 next month.


  1. When in doubt, say nothing.

    Just because you wore it once doesn't mean it needs to be washed.

  2. Always be honest with him and don't be afraid to love him as much as you can. And want to. And teach him jokes.

  3. @ Just Bob - Thank you kind sir. I will have to tell him the second one is true except when it comes to his underwear.

    @ Ms. Moon - Thanks, and so far so good on most of those. I am sure he will be telling me jokes soon because Kyle is a little giggle box.

  4. i did a post once about some of my life lessons, i guess "lipstick makes your eyes look brighter" doesnt apply?

  5. I'm still working on advice for my little man. I think the best advice I would give mine would to always be honest and honorable. Of course, my heart says "The Lord loves a working man, and don't trust whitey".

  6. Always be true to yourself has always been my motto. I see now what you meant when you read my latest tale.
    Can't believe Kyle is coming up two years of age... goodness, time sure does fly. And he's still as gorgeous as he was when just a baby.

  7. I think the best thing you can do for kids is love them with your whole self and then set a good example for them. Kids copy what you do much more than what you say. In your case, since you seem like a pretty great guy, that is great. In some families that is not so great. Hopefully he will turn out to be a good man like you are. He's already super adorable! I love the picture!

  8. "Never trust a big butt and a smile."
    - Bel Biv Devoe

    May not be useful to him now, but the time will come.

  9. money married is money earned.

  10. "Better to remain silent and have people think that you're stupid, than to speak and remove all doubt."

    Inappropriate joke:

    A little boy goes trick or treating. He rings the bell
    A lady opens the door

    "Hi little boy, what are you?"

    "A Piwite" (pirate)

    "Well if you're a pirate, where are your buccaneers?"

    "On my buckin, head!"

  11. Everybody makes mistakes. The only trick is to make them when nobody is looking.

    2 yrs old? Holy crap. I remember a time when it was just you and the Mrs.!

  12. The best advice I can give is to take responsibility for your own choices and man up when you are wrong. Though I hope Kyle listens to you better than mine have listened to me!

  13. @ Kylie - You never know Kylie. I wore lipstick a few times in college.

    @ Jon - Sound advice especially when it comes from the heart.

    @ Val - Excellent motto and always appreciate your compliments about my baby boy. I agree with you that he is gorgeous.

    @ Radioactive Girl - Thank you, and I have to remind myself every day that he is a little sponge. The f bombs do not fly as often as they used to.

    @ TOPolk - BBD is always a great resource for life lessons. Going to have download "Poison" from iTunes for him.

    @ BP - Always can count on you for a good one. Thanks buddy.

    @ Texlahoma - Love that quote and your joke too.

    @ J. Noel - Me too. Hard to believe he is going to be 2 but I can't imagine life without him now. And I like your words of wisdom.

    @ Kori - Very good advice and if I do right by my little man then he will have no problem doing that.

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  15. Telling the truth takes less effort than telling a lie. There's less to remember later. But the truth isn't easy, nor is it always the best policy.

    Two? Seriously? Two? Where does the time go...?

    I can always tell when you've posted because you always stop by Corndog to give a shout ;-) Thanks.

  16. @ Red - I hope to plant the telling the truth seed very early in Kyle. I know he is going to test his limits and try a few fibs on us but hopefully he will learn quickly how important it is to tell the truth. And you have discovered my dirty secret about blogging. =)

  17. @ Red - Confused? I forgot to sign out of one of my freelance gmail accounts and that is why my comment came across as Bushmen Safaris.

  18. I told my boy recently that his other head will get him into trouble but its usualy worth it. Your boy still a bit young.

  19. Wow Happy Birthday Kyle!!

    I still live by Carpe Diem Seize the day! :)

  20. No, you covered the hookers and unicorns and China buffet, so yeah, that's pretty much everything.

    : )


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