Happy New Year?

Well I know it was only one day in 2011 but the events of that one day are still lingering. I don't want to get into too many details but basically I have someone I am related to that has decided to do something to another family member that is pretty appalling. I know how devastated this one family member is right now and there is nothing I can do except listen to them as they try to deal with the pain. So the person causing this suffering is out of my life. I had to do it for my own mental well being. They have done stuff to me, my wife, and my son in the past, and if I maintained a relationship with them, they would continue to do hurtful things. Honestly I amazed we have the same blood running through our veins. A friend of mine put this on Facebook and then I reposted it that sums up what I needed to do best: There comes a time in life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh, forget the bad, and focus on the good. So, love the people who treat you right. Forget about the ones who don't. Life is too short to be anything but happy.

I am just grateful that I have an outlet like this blog. I have met so many people through it, and actually developed quite a bond with a few of them. It might only be an electronic relationship but they are so good to me and I know I can count on them. I was reminded of that today when a wonderful gentleman that some of you know as "Just Bob" sent my darling boy a nice little gift. It wasn't necessary or requested, but he is a good guy and that is what good people do sometimes. Thank you Bob, and thank you everyone else for coming back here every now and then. It is the reminder that I need to focus on the good, and say adios to the drama.

I hope you had a good holiday season, and your new year is going well. Take care, and below is a picture of the most important little man in my life.


  1. Happy New Year, Mr. Shife, and I am glad you are wise enough to know when it is time to break a bond.
    Life IS too short.
    Your little man is crazy beautiful.

  2. just bob should be renamed: good bob

  3. That was sweet. I love when people are good and kind and other people notice it.

    I'm sorry the family member did whatever they did. People call me naive all the time but I just can't even understand purposely hurting someone else.

    That picture is perfect. Such a happy beautiful little face!

  4. I love that picture! Seems to capture you both so perfectly!

    As for the drama? It isn't ever "easy" to distance yourself from family, even for the best of reasons-but I think sometimes it's the only way we can stay even remotely sane.

  5. Hope your New Year is happy.

    You won't let a complete stranger treat you badly. Why do family members think they can behave. It's okay to make decisions like that.

  6. 새해 복 많이 받으세요

    you can pick your friends but you can't pick your family.

  7. Tell Lil'Shife and his new buddy I said hello!

  8. I'm really sorry to hear that your family is having to go through something like that. It is something that, unfortunately, all families end up going through. I'm glad you're stepping away, as that is the best thing. Surrounding yourself with the right people just makes it better. Hope everything continues to go better.

  9. Yeah. Seems to be the time to cut the negative ties of unkindness. Had to do the same thing after 56 years. I feel for you but you know best what needed to be done. Protect yourself and your beautiful family.
    Happy New Year!!

  10. "Adios drama!" Fo realz!

    You know, when we ask God for protection and for His help in defending us, the Lord also sees how good we are at making it a point to protect ourselves. It isn't always the heinous and the obvious that we need protection from. Oftentimes it's bullying, overstepping of boundaries, negativity, ridiculous drama. If we don't stick up for ourselves then how is Heavenly Father going to back our plays? You just keep doing right by yourself and your family and your family will be better off for it. Your friends will always be your friends. Haters fall to the wayside and you don't give them a second thought my friend. Not for a minute.
    "Pro Shife for life" can be your family motto. Happy New Year!

  11. red,
    a good earthly father sticks up for a kid who cant stick up for themselves, why wouldnt God?

    i agree with ya on the rest and shifey, i'm sorry you hurt and i'm glad you took action so no arguments on all that ....

  12. You have the sanity of your immediate family to consider, Shifey, so taking a step away was a wise move. Hopefully you can now relax and enjoy a new year without family strife.

    Love the picture of you and the little man. Worth framing, don't you think? Have a brilliant week.

  13. Sorry the New Year got off to such a rocky start, but maybe the rocky start was in fact a fresh start with the people that love you and are loved by you =)...Happy New Year...and Happy Blogging!

    p.s. the picture of you are your little man is great...i think that is a desk worthy photograph!!! A reminder of what life is suppose and should be about pure and real LOVE!!!

  14. I hope all is well in the Shife household - so sad when families can't get along, isn't it? But I think you are doing the right thing.

    New blog is here:


    I still owe you for the football pool - check the mail this week. :)


  15. Great words Shife. That is a painful situation to be in and you are such a nice person that I am sure it was more than difficult to reach this point of separation. I am glad you made that choice. You will have a happier life for it. You and your family deserve better.
    Have a wonderful New Year !

  16. That's a really nice photo of the two of you! I'm glad he brings you so much joy.

    : )

  17. sorry you're going thru such crap, but it does sound like you're getting the drama out of your life.

    I hate new year's it always seem to bring bad to our family as well. hang in there buddy!

    Happy 2011 little one looks great

  18. Happy New Year Shife!! Sorry to hear about the drama, but moments and situations like that teach you to appreciate all the other great relationships that you would have otherwise taken for granted.

    That picture...goodness gracious...what an absolutely beautiful shot... just gorgeous!


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