Another week, another random act of shifeness

  • Do you have a sabotage gene? I think if you were raised Catholic then you most definitely have it. Anyway do you feel guilty if you think things are going to good or expect something bad to happen because life is going your way? I most certainly have one. I very cautious about saying something like "Life is good" or "My life is awesome" because I fully expect the universe to send me a little reminder about why I should not be bragging.
  • I wish if I had wonderful moments I could just enjoy them instead of questioning why I deserve them. Yes, I do see a therapist.
  • I have watched "Californication" a few times but never went out of my way to watch it. It was on the other day as background noise when I was playing on the computer when I was stopped by a line in the show: "Noble in thought, weak in action." If words ever summed me up best that would be it. I always, always have good intentions and want to do good deeds like volunteer or raise money for a cause but never have the inner drive or motivation to follow through. One day I will actually put one foot in front of the other and walk through the action door.
  • Jeff Bridges really is The Dude. I decided to class up my TV and taped a show on PBS called "American Masters" because it was profiling the dude who gave us The Dude. I don't think Jeff Bridges had to do a lot to transform himself into that role. He was made to play The Dude.
  • Bored. Google ta-ta tamers. It will go great with your Tuggie.
  • I have decided to ignore politics since politicians have been ignoring me.
  • I am not a big fan of New Year's resolutions so I don't do them but I did start two new things around the start of 2011. Well not exactly new but I decided I need to do them again, meditation and flossing. Doing a lot better on the flossing than the napping, errrr, meditation.
  • Stay golden, Ponyboy
  • A friend of ours took this picture of Tank, and I just love how intense and focused he looks. I assure you I have not replaced his dog food with crack, but he might be trying to chase down a cat because it gave him a wiener mustache.


  1. HAHAHAHA! Look at Tank go! That cat is toast!

    This whole post could sum up the way I feel about these things too. When someone asks me how I'm doing I keep my cards close instead of just saying, "Great!", like someone or something is going to try and steal my thunder if I admit as much.

    I haven't meditated in ages but I want to more often. I think it can be very effective and that it is underutilized.

    I have daydreams about volunteering and helping out folks but I too often leave it at that instead of getting off my butt and doing it. Then I feel guilty about thinking about it because then I'm wondering if I'm just sitting around stroking my own ego. Bleah.

    I think people ruin it for me to some degree. BUt then there are some cool folks out there who redeem it all ;-)

    Stay cool Shife.

  2. Hey Shife!
    I don't think I have that gene but now you have me thinking about it so I might develop it GREAT haha :)

    Never seen Californication might have to try it out. I made resolutions but I already broke them yes I suck.

    Idaho doing well in the WAC basketball standings a NCAA run for the Vandals?

  3. Ta-ta tamers. Sports bras...*shudder* Boobs (like music) just want to be free!

    Or maybe I just want them to be free.

  4. Yes, raised Catholic. Yes, total sabotage. I can say no more.

    Didja get that pool money? Shoot me an email to confirm?

  5. I wasn't raised catholic but I definitely have that. Whenever I think things are going great I get all paranoid and constantly wonder what bad thing is going to happen amd when. When something does go wrong it's almost a relief to have it done no matter how bad the thing was.

    Meditation sounds like what I need. If only I could get myself to follow through on that.

  6. Where's my picture of that boy? Tank is fine but I need I need to see The Boy.
    Hello, Mr. Shife. It is always good to hear from you.

  7. Hi, Shifey, enjoyable post as usual. Here are my comments:

    Hmmm I used to meditate...

    I don't do fundraising...

    I do sometimes question my luck...

    It's a great action shot of Tank, but where's cutie boy?

    Have a great week.

  8. "Noble in thought, weak in action."
    Me too but I found the perfect way to do something without having to get out and do it, that's why my blog is so serious sometimes, trying to be an info-warrior.

    That is a great pic of Tank!

    Stay golden, Ponyboy. The Outsiders -
    Did you know that was written by a girl from Tulsa Oklahoma?

  9. you make several excellent points.

    if the road to hell is paved with good intentions is the road to heaven paved with bad intentions?

    either way, the pope probably has a toll booth on both roads.

  10. @ Billy: Are you kidding? The pope has an E-Z tag.

  11. hehehe you are so awesome and I'm sorry I haven't been by in awhile. I'm going to post later today and rejuvenate the 'ol blog again :)

  12. I am new to this blogging gig but I most certainly have the gene. Things are going great so I am sure the next minute the world will crash...that's why I love me some cocktails...helps the thoughts go away. Oh an I am not in therapy now but have been there many times in my life.
    Love the blog!

  13. I think that I probably have a sabotage gene in me as well, and I try to ignore it.
    Don't feel bad about the resolutions thing. I (sorta) resolved to blog more this year, and look how its turning out. Started off strong, and then back to weekly posting.

  14. Tough loss to the donkeys sorry :(

  15. Loved the movie The Outsiders. And I am a practicing Catholic so I understand the first paragraph completely.

  16. I surely have that same guilt gene and worry if things go right.

    I love the Tank photo. Hope he got that bad cat!

    I fell off my meditation wagon, but thanks for reminding me. It does help with the worry and guilt thing.

  17. Noble thoughts, ya me too.

    Tank looks like a real dog there.


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