If I Had One Wish

Maybe it is because it is the holidays or maybe it just is one of those days, but whatever the case might be I am missing my Mother. Sometimes I just cry and sometimes I write and sometimes I share what I write. Well today I am sharing. It is what it is, and the Dumb, White Guy blog is a little melancholy today but I have to put this out there. I don't mean to bring you down but for me to have to happiness I must also deal with the sadness, and I am using this forum to express myself.

If I had one wish
Would I wish for you to be here with me one more day?

If I had one wish
Would I wish for you to be here with me one more day to meet your grandson?

If I had one wish
Would I wish for you to be here with me one more day to meet your grandson and see how your love will never end?

But if I had just one wish
I know what you would say, “Don’t worry I am with you and Kyle every day.

So if I had just one wish
I would give it to someone else’s son because Mother you made all my wishes happen.

Here is a picture of my Mom with my nephew and sister. My nephew at the time would roughly be about the same age as my little man so it is a picture that I think about a lot when I am missing my Mom because I think that could be me and Kyle with her.


Ms. Moon said…
Oh honey. I am not your mother but I am A mother and I am sending you love. Your mama would be SO proud of you and your beautiful family.
Kori said…
I just send you a hug today. :)
Travis Erwin said…
Beautifully said my man.
I am sending you a big hug and thinking good thoughts. I can't imagine how awful that must feel and I am sorry you have to feel it.
Jaime Leigh said…
Well said...Saddness is something we all have to deal with to get to the joy and happiness in out lives...Thanks for sharing something so personal with your readers =)
Crystal Posey said…
I agree, very beautifully said.
Valerie said…
“Don’t worry I am with you and Kyle every day.”

That says it all, Shifey. You have happy memories of your Mom so bear with the sadness and remember the good times. She's not far away so long as she's in your thoughts. I hope you talk about her a lot to Kyle when he's old enough to understand.
Ananda girl said…
That is so very touching. How lucky for your little dude that his grandma taught his daddy how to love and be loved.
angel, jr. said…
That is an awesome wish, to give it away...and that is what life is all about....
Red said…
We're never ready to lose our parents. Ever. HUGSfromTX--Red
Phats said…
Such a great post Shife! I agree with the first commenter Your mom would be proud of you for sure :)
Random Chick said…
So glad I got to meet you and know you...you're a special person and your mother is beaming right now. Kyle will know her through you.

Peace and hugs!