What is Up, Buttercup

Hope all is well in your world. These are currently the top headlines at the Shife household:
  • It would be nice to enjoy the sweet taste of victory after watching football again. Both of my teams (University of Idaho and Arizona Cardinals) are circling the drain so I will be drinking the taint-flavored frappuccino that is designated for losers because they both suck and a win does not look like it will be dropping its panties anytime soon.
  • I made a terrible mistake and accidentally erased a voice mail on my home phone. It was the only recording I had of my Mom so I was pretty upset that I lost it.
  • I had to end my love affair with Mtn. Dew recently. I was just drinking it like they were going to quit making it. I am pretty sure Carrie Underwood is going to write a song about us. Anyway it has been 5 days since my last Dew binge.
  • I have been taught this lesson numerous times since becoming a Dad but for some reason I still don't learn. Just when you think you have your kid figured out they throw you a giant frickin' curve ball just to let you know that they are the ones running the show. Lil' Shife has been sleeping like a champ through the night and all is well in the Shifley manor. Then last night he is up for 4 straight hours and I have no idea what is going on with him. Good times.
  • The Tankster graduates from obedience class tonight. He is the first one from his family to graduate so we are all very excited for him.
  • And Kyle is finally starting to grow some hair so we were able to give him a little bit of a mohawk look.


Travis Erwin said…
Hate to break it to you, but the curveballs only get nastier.
Ms. Moon said…
Yeah. I'm with Travis. Don't ever assume or presume anything about children.
But you CAN assume that your boy is mighty fine and cute.
Jaime Leigh said…
My experience after giving birth to three boys...I am pretty sure children are just out to get us...My job as Mom is to be 3 steps ahead...our jobs are really not that much different than secret agents.. =)
Kori said…
Baby is cute and all, but I am really curious to find out WHERE in the glass he graduate. The Tankster, I mean. Wondering if it is worth my time and $$ to enroll MY damn bassett!
KaLynn ("MiMi") said…
After 5, you just learn to expect the unexpected and never be surprised at what happens. You may not be happy but never surprised.

Kyle is adorable and will work those eyes on any and everyone!

Have fun Pops!! It's an adventure that never ends! Even when they are 34!
billy pilgrim said…
good work tankster!

i always wanted an educated dog.
Valerie said…
Yes, everyone's right. Never be surprised at the unexpected ... you have to learn to expect anything 'cause sure as houses anything can happen. Congratulations to Tank, clever boy. Love cutie boy's new hair style.
Red said…
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Red said…
Bullet point #2: That really sucks. I am so so sorry. If it's a cell phone service you could try to call and see if they can retrieve it. That's all I got from the idea camp on that one.

Bullet point #3: Husband will never stop drinking that stuff. That is "mother's milk" as far as he is concerned. Plus one year he scored a Mt. Dew mini-fridge in a contest. We still have it. It's broken but I can't see getting rid of it. I'm still trying to find someone who can fix it.
Well, since you can't drink Mountain Dew, give some to Tank for the graduation and some for Baby Shife for sleeping the night, mostly.
KnitTech said…
Why the breakup with Dew?
angel, jr. said…
Great mohawk look....he wears it well.

Did you get the Dew withdrawal headaches? They can be nasty. I was drinking the diet Dew, milder but still energizing. When I broke up with the Dew, I had migraine like headaches for days.
Phats said…
Your kid is so stinking cute!

My team is right there with ya BOO not fun. You could add UNC hoops to that list eh? haha sorry couldn't resist.

We can recover deleted msgs you don't have that on your phone? That sucks sorry :(

Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving
Jon said…
I feel like such a schmuck, because I could have sworn I commented earlier this week!
Hope your holiday was great and I also hope your little guy starts to sleep through the night again.
Cece said…
He looks just like you! And yes, children are very unpredictable.
Such a cute kid!

I think in our house when our kids acted out of character we always blamed it on "teething". That worked fine as a meaningless thing to make us feel better about not knowing what was going on but now my oldest is almost 13 and surely she should have been done teething by now.
Random Chick said…
You and the Dew made such a nice couple... *sigh*

You will never figure out your kid. Stop trying and things get much easier. Go with the flow. And give lots of time outs!