Random Acts of Shifeness

  • This is my blog. This is my blog on sleep deprivation. It has been rough sledding for Mr. Shife lately. Lil' Shife has been sick, getting new teeth, sleep training, and learning to live without his binky (pacifier) so he has had some meltdowns in the wee hours of the morning. When I order my second child I will definitely be putting a check next to the sleep box.
  • We want Kyle to be a recreational binky user and not a full-blown binky junkie so we have started having him go to sleep without the comfort of his pacifier. It is safe to say he did not support our decision.
  • And in more binky news. To make matters less than spectacular when we went to story time yesterday the kid sitting next to Kyle was sucking on a binky the whole time like it was the last effin' binky in the whole world, and my little man was just staring him down like it was the last effin' binky in the whole world. He had that look where he just wanted to go snatch the pacifier right out of his little baby mouth. Then to make matters even more less than the spectacular (My English teacher is so happy right now with that sloppy sentence construction), one of the stories was about a baby who lost his binky.
  • Bored. Google Nut Valet.
  • Still Bored. Go to Google Maps and get directions from Japan to China. Check out #43.
  • Oh I love Thursdays because one of my favorite shows is on, "The League." I chuckle out loud when I hear stuff yank bank, fear boner, anticipaterection, and songs by Taco like Ghost Monkey.
  • I found this quote on The Daily Show rather amusing: "John Boehner will be the new Speaker of the House. It is the highest elected office ever to be reached by an Orange-American." If you have never seen a picture of Boehner he looks like he spends more time in the tanning salon than the cast of The Jersey Shore.
  • Speaking of politics, I really, really detest politicians especially after reading this garbage today. It would be nice if they could act like big boys and actually remembered why they are there in the first place.
  • Am I a sports performance decreasing drug? I swear every time I turn on the TV to watch my football team they instantly start playing like crap, but once I turn it off they do fine.
  • Well have a lovely weekend, and I will talk to you later. Here is a picture of someone ready to go for a ride. I am pretty sure he wanted to go to the police station to file a report that someone stole all of his binkies.


  1. I hope little Shife doesn't see "the binkie section" of a store any time soon.

  2. One of my kids threatened to call Child Protection services on me once. It wasn't because I took her binkie, but because I made her go to her room.
    I told her I'd dial the number for her.
    You have a cute kid. You know that, right?

  3. Poor little man, give him a hug from me. My lad had a binkie and when the time was right I allowed it only at night. He actually threw it away himself when I said it looked grubby!
    Football in our house is watched until it gets boring (yes, it does) but the minute hubby turns away goals are scored.

  4. Literally laughed out loud when I did the Google Maps thing. Works for LA to Honolulu too.

  5. @Texlahoma - We are definitely avoiding those aisles for the immediate future. We had to avoid the strip clubs for a bit too after he quit nursing.=)
    @Ms. Moon - I do know that, but I like it when others tell me too.
    @Valerie - I hope Kyle does the same with the binkers. And I can relate to the hubby. Who is his favorite football team? I watch a bit of the English Premier League but don't have a absolute fave yet.
    @Swedish Nurse - Hello there. It is nice to hear from you again. Hope all is well with you.

  6. LOL...I promise I am not laughing at your lack of sleep or the binkie drama...I am only laughing because I can so relate...Only you are much smarter, and much better parent than I. My youngest who is almost 3 refuses to part with the binkie,and he being the 3rd boy of overly exhausted mother. I just wished I cared more to take it away, but honestly I am still having a little chat with my sanity to see if I can take melt downs that come with giving up the addiction...SIGH (sorry I talk a lot)

  7. I'm actually glad that our little guy gave his binkie a while ago, in favor of his thumb.
    Since baseball is done until spring training, I've got no sports to follow. But, as a lifelong Cleveland Indians fan, I can relate.

  8. nice to see the tankster appearing in the photos. dogs just seemed to magically appear in all of our kids photos.

  9. I only had one kid that used them. When we took it away she switched to sucking her thumb. We couldn't figure out how to make her stop until one day when she was 3 she bumped her tooth on the counter. We ended up at the dentist who told her if she sucked her thumb, her tooth would fall out. She was so terrified of that (luckily she didn't know about the tooth fairy or that people eventually are supposed to lose teeth) that she never sucked her thumb again.

    Unfortunately, the damn tooth turned black and she was stuck with it until it fell out, which kind of made me wish it HAD fallen out. Either way, she stopped the thumb sucking because of it. I realize none of this is very helpful to you, but at least you can laugh about my story while you are dealing with the misery of taking it away and feeling horrible about it.

  10. Poor lil Shife!

    Liam had his binky until he was almost 3, but it was for bed/nap time only. It helped him get to sleep. And I wasn't going to argue with anything that helped him get to sleep! :)

  11. Very rude of that kid to suck on that binky right in front of a recovering binky addict. That's a bad friend right there.

  12. Good luck with the weaning, it will make you crazy for a while.

  13. Binky weaning is tough, man. I remember those days with my son. He was always giving me this look like, "You really suck, Mom. Because I should be sucking on my binky right now and I know you are the reason I'm not!"

    Hang in there and just have faith that he and you guys will get through it. BTW, I think they are all out of babies who sleep well because I ordered two and didn't get those kind at all!

  14. I'm going to google those those directions cause I'm bored...

  15. At least he isn't a thumbsucker ;-)

  16. Sounds like a rough time in the shife house hope things turn around. I did google nut valet niiice haha :)

    I had one season where when I was at games in person Purdue would lose when I watched at home they would win in basketball. I felt like I was a jinx there so I stopped going. HA My guest picker picked the Vandals against the donkeys

  17. Dad, toss me the keys, Mom locked the car door.

  18. Wait. There's a check box for sleep?! I was not informed! I need to speak with management. I need some compensation for this error on their part.


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