Arbitrary Deductions from a Slightly Skeptical Human Being

The title is just another way of saying Random Acts of Shifeness. Actually I didn't want to cheapen your blog experience by using the same blog post title from last week. Yep that is how I roll.
  • Since the baseball playoffs are under way it reminded me of trying to convince Mrs. Shife two years ago that Ray Romano from "Everybody Loves Raymond" bought the Tampa Bay baseball team and that is why they are called the Tampa Bay Rays. She didn't buy it.
  • Speaking of Mrs. Shife, I attempted to talk her into doing the no-pants dance by romancing her with the charming sentence "Don't you know it is Cocktober?" And she reminded me that it was also "Blocktober."
  • Does anyone know a black guy named Roger? The only one I could think of was Danny Glover's character from "Lethal Weapon." I don't think too many people have a dog named Roger either.
  • Kyle discovered a new toy to play with, the toilet. He thinks it is awesome when he drop stuffs into the porcelain god. The victims include a Blackberry and a hair brush. We do our best to keep the bathroom doors shut but sometimes we forget, but we are quickly learning that the little man does not forget.
  • My goal this week is to live in the now. And then after 7 days I will try to do it for 7 more, and then 7 more after that. By then I hope it will be a habit. I just feel like I am always looking ahead or looking back. I need to bask in the power of now.
  • If you are not dreaming then you are just sleeping.
  • So does anyone have a new favorite TV show this year? I am not in love with anything right now but "The Event" has kept me interested so far.
Well that is all folks. Have a good weekend, and remember to think before you drink. That's right you should think about adding a couple of shots of Jagermeister to your order because you really want to wake up naked in your neighbor's fountain-like Japanese maple. Do it.

A picture of the boys trying to convince the parental units that it is time to go to the playground. Baby Shife is saying "Out" if you look closely at the picture.


  1. What's the fascination about toilets for purposes other than to obtain relief? I remember a cousin stuffing yards and yards of bog roll down the pan and clogging up the whole works. For some strange adult reason, he got into severe trouble.

    Cocktober, now there's a thought! Many thanks...grins.

    Ya gotta luv that picture of the boys, Tanks feet beautifully turned out and the grin on cutie boys face will keep me going until the next one.

  2. Yes, bathrooms doors closed here too.
    Staying in the now is hard but it sure helps with anxiety, etc.
    Beautiful boy you have. You know that.

  3. None of my kids did the putting things in the toilet thing so I had no idea it was something kids did until I started watching a little girl who did. And then the next boy I watched did too. And on and on so I guess it is pretty common (although annoying) and my kids just did other strange kid things. One of the things they did was to draw all over the wall in chapstick. When questioned, they (twins) said "there wasn't a rule about that so we didn't know". You can bet there is a rule about it now! They were just under 3 at that time so it was really funny...if they had done it recently it wouldn't have been so funny. If you ever need to know how to get it off the wall, let me know. It's harder than you would think!

    Your kids are very cute! (Do you call your dog your kid? Because I totally call my dog my baby and then laugh at myself for being such a loser)

  4. Dude, it's sockober, all the knitters know that.

    I'm still iffy on the Event, the flashbacks in the middle of the bleeping conversations turn me off.

  5. We once had a terrible sewer problem from that... and a small boy sending his Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles back down to their sewer. Had to rip up the whole yard.

    I'm not sure what new program floats my boat yet, but I've gotten back into Star Gate U and Caprica again.
    Right now its all about the football.

    Love your explanation of the Ray's name.

  6. the tankster looks right at home! my daughter loved throwing her brother's toys into the toilet and the plumber loved her.

    enjoy the moment. they call it the present because it's a gift.

  7. "Blocktober". Ha! Your wife is awesome :-) If you are trying to give Kyle a baby bro or sis, you may want to employ more sophisticated tactics other than the old college game of "Hey wanna touch it?"

    Speaking of "Kyle" name...I have to say I'm a bit surprised because I still think of hime as Baby Shife so much that it seemed to be his name!)

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  9. There is a crocodile named Roger on the cartoon series Penguins of Madagascar, but he's green, not black. Whisper sweet nothings in Mrs. Shife's ear. She'll come around soon.

  10. I say if your wife pulls a Blocktober on you, have Baby Shife take her phone and drop it in the toilet.

    It's also Brocktober for Brock Lesnar against Cain Velasquez.

  11. your wife seems great! Wow a blackberry this is what I have to look forward to apparently :)

    The only new show we have stuck with is Mike and Molly and it's not great but it's decent.

  12. When you're sleeping, you're pretty much dreaming all night, even if you don't remember.

    Be careful with the Cocktober thing. She might smash your pumpkin.

  13. LOL Mrs. Shife rocks this post.


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