Random Acts of Shifeness

  • I named my iPod the Titantic so when I plug it in to download new podcasts and stuff it says "Syncing The Titanic." It is the little things like this that make me happy.
  • Obedience lessons start for Tank tomorrow. Should be interesting. I am pretty sure I will be getting most of the training since he is a good dog but we just need to work with him a little bit. My favorite new nickname that I gave him is Dr. Tankensteen. If you have seen "Young Frankenstein" then you get it.
  • 9 out 0f 10 shark attacks occur in the water. The other 10 percent occur on the decks of fishing boats, when people plummet from their beds after having a "Shark Week" nightmare, or when a stuffed and mounted shark falls on someone at a museum. Thanks Nerdist podcast.
  • Today was the first day of teaching Baby Shife how to brush his teeth. Not very successful, but I did learn that baby toothpaste does provide excellent holding power as a hair gel.
  • Fustercluck. I like that word.
  • Spending an hour watching "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and "The League" on Thursday nights makes my face hurt. I laugh so much watching these two shows.
  • Unfortunately another show I liked already got cancelled after only two episodes, "Lone Star." It feels a little like finding out your date is a tranny.
Have a good weekend.


Travis Erwin said…
Hey Shife. You should have taken me bet on the Vandal Husker game. I could have had your initials shaved in my chest hair right now.
Phats said…
that's funny about your IPod!!

We didn't invest too much in Lonestar we thought that was going to happen UGH.

Hey Travis i dropped the ball on that one haha
The only question is, do I name my ipod The Pink or The Sausage?
Mr. Shife said…
@Travis - I was just waiting for the Vandals to fall apart. I knew it was coming and I thought it would be the Husker game. Unfortunately it was against Colorado State, who had a 12-game losing streak before we played them.

@Phats - I guess I need a new show on Mondays now. Any suggestions?

@Dr. Ken - I don't think you can go wrong with either one but personally I prefer The Pink. Make it so.
Valerie said…
Thanks for the tip, Shifey. I've been looking for a new hair treatment, one that will hold every hair in place. Could you tell me which brand of toothpaste I should buy?
I really must buy an iPod, I feel I'm missing out on something.
KnitTech said…
Have you noticed everything your house moving up about a foot at a time?
That Lone Star thing is my fault. I am a curse for new shows. Every show I have ever loved after seeing the first episode has been cancelled. Sorry about that.
Ms. Moon said…
Baby Shife is like Owen- more boy than baby these days. Our beautiful little men.
And frankly? I prefer the tradtional "clusterfuck." But that's just me.
Red said…
Your sense of humour keeps me coming back. Sometimes I borrow a cup of snark from the Shife pantry. You're not going to get to call him baby Shife for much longer.And yes, I got the "Tahnkenshteen" reference right off the top. That scene in the cave where Frankenstein's monster takes Madeleine Khan is just too funny. "Woof?" Who says that? Madeleine Khan is a favorite.
billy pilgrim said…
fustercluck! i like that.

i'm going to try it tonight and see if i get the customary dirty look from you know who.
Megan said…
I wish you and mrs shife and the lil man would hurry up with that whole "The Offspring Needs a Trip to Disneyland" thing. HE won't remember, but you will and I will. Get your asses down here...
Ananda girl said…
As always... the things you say crack me up. I cannot believe how big your boy is getting.

I have always found the idea of "Obedience Training" in bassets to be funny. Mine obeyed as long as they wanted to, then just sat down to express their opinion on any matter and waited me out. Big grins!
hey Shifey..u got alot on yer plate!..get any of it done? lol
tina said…
Fustercluck! I like it because I always say it the other way ;) Ya know, I never saw those two shows.

Good luck with Tankersteen!
Anonymous said…
"Syncing The Titanic" LOL It's little things like this that bring me back to your blog.
The Phoenix said…
Baby toothpaste also tastes great on a Ritz cracker.