Happy Labor Day Weekend

Me and the family are hitting the road so I just wanted to wish everyone a great weekend and I hope you have a wonderful time doing whatever you are doing. Sorry I didn't have time to stop by your blogs this week but I will be there next week, and please, please remember


  1. Have a great weekend, catch you when you get back.

  2. have an excellent trip!

    if you go to walley world say hi to john candy for me.

  3. Oh that's really bad. Have a good weekend and don't trust the gas.

  4. have a good trip go Vandals

  5. Reminds me of a very classy poem
    Here I sit
    tried to shit
    but only farted
    later on
    I took a chance
    tried to fart
    but shit my pants

  6. Well..umm...yeah. Happy weekend to the Shifles.

  7. George Carlin once said, "Farts are fun; They're shit without the mess." In a related story, I was hanging out with a girl last night who could queef on demand. A million laughs . . .

  8. Hahaha... on the photo!

    Have a safe and fun filled trip Shife! We'll all be here when you get back to tell us about it.


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