Tank vs. Baby Shife

Ever since my beautiful baby boy has entered my life I have found myself uttering sentences that I never thought would come out of my mouth like "Come here and let me sniff your butt." And now that a 20-month-old basset hound is in my life even more new sentences have entered the Shifley household. When I write out these sentences you might just wonder if said the words to Tank or Baby Shife. So your mission - if you choose to accept it - is to guess who I was talking to.
  1. It is time to clean your wiener.
  2. I can't believe the size of that turd.
  3. Are you riding dirty?
  4. We got a Stage 5 clinger.
  5. No bite.
  6. What's up muffin butt?
  7. Alright buddy you need to put down the binky
  8. Who has beaver fever?
  9. Why is there a chocolate chip in the bathtub? Oh my god, it's Not a chocolate chip!
  10. Get your mouth off the toilet. Now.

  1. OK so Tankers has a little bit of a problem with his man parts and I have to clean up that area for him for the next week or so with some antibiotics.
  2. You can go with Tank or Baby Shife on this one. Both of the boys have surprised me with their output.
  3. Baby Shife. A question I have asked him if it smells like he has expanded the dimensions of his diaper while we are driving around in the car.
  4. Tank or Baby Shife are both guilty of being little clingers. I guess they think I am a cool dude or something.
  5. Again both of the boys are guilty of this.
  6. Baby Shife. We have called him the muffin man almost since the day of his birth so he naturally has a muffin butt.
  7. Just look at the picture below and you will know the answer.
  8. Tank has giardia, which is also known as beaver fever, that he picked up from drinking some nasty water so he has take some medicine to take care of the fever.
  9. Baby Shife.
  10. Baby Shife.


  1. Grinning here... I'm glad you posted the answers 'causse I was at a completely loss. I like the Tank picture, he seems to be watching you with a wary eye... erm, what's a binky?

    Glad yu liked the latest doggy tale.

  2. love the picture, great post!
    hope all is good in your part of the world

  3. what a cute post! has me kacklin over here! i sure remember those days!

  4. Why did I know that no. 10 was Baby Shife? You've got your hands full with those two. "Shife and Tank"-- sounds like a new cop buddy action movie. And that Shaun T. ? He's just plain ruthless.

  5. I guessed 9 & 10, other than that I was completely lost.

  6. 1. Hopefully you're not using abrasives like Comet.

  7. That was fun! I had the answer of both for one through nine.

    I was hoping the wiener washing answer was Mrs. Shife. Hayooooooooo!

    Fun post, brotha'.

  8. awwwwwwwwwwwwww thats all I gotta say Shifey~!

  9. haha i liked this post but I didn't do very well on the quiz. I thought for sure the dog was all over the toilet ours is.

    I love that picture of the dog! What a great picture. You watch the Hoff get roasted?!

  10. What fun! I only missed two... 1 and 6.

    I absolutely love the binky photo!

  11. Anonymous8/16/2010

    LOL. I must twitter and facebook this.

  12. hahaha the pup has the binky? too cute :) What's up my old pal? Bet they are all keeping you busy. For me, my job is turning into a 55 hr/week job. bleeeh

    Ha, I just noticed your previous post ...think I just said something similiar last nite on FB. :)

  13. "I can't believe the size of that turd"

    Are your talking about Obama?.

  14. This was too funny. I have to watch what comes out of my mouth...cussing.
    This level of exhaustion is new but delightful. I can't think of adding a new (relatively) pooch into the picture! Holy crap you have your hands full. (pun intended)

  15. Anonymous8/21/2010

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  16. Great post...I was seriously laughing until I cried...mostly because I could relate...raising three boys, and one female beagle life is never boring!!! LOVE this post!!!!


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