Yep I am a moron

After more than a few drunken nights in my lifetime you would figure I have learned my lesson but nope. I was attacked by beers once again last night. I fought them off as hard as I could but eventually I succumbed to their will. I know better and there was no reason for it but I was out with a buddy until 2 in the morning and I am paying for it today. So the too many beers combined with my just completed viewing of the "Jersey Shore" premiere means I have really thinned the brain cell herd. I am just going to take it easy the rest of the weekend. Maybe rent a bear suit. Most likely a grizzly outfit because if you are going to be a bear then you better be a grizzly. Then I will just go around hugging people and then tell them they just got the greatest bear hug ever. Have yourself a very merry weekend.

P.S. Thanks to everyone for all the kind words and support about my anxiety and depression post. I appreciate it very much.


Valerie said…
How come I missed this post? Is Blogger at war with me again?
At least it seems you had a good night out even if you were suffering the consequences.
Thanks for the update picture of your little man. I still love him to bits, you know.
I'm pleased you popped on to read my Urban Myth post, it's always as well to be prepared for stuff we didn't bargain for. Don't worry about the little one, he'll be properly guided by you. It's the kids of parents who don't realise the problem that come unstuck.
Have a great weekend.
just bob said…
Beer = not a problem
Red wine = major problem
Cure = Advil, pepsi, leftover pizza
Red said…
You lush! ;-) Next time take a handful of TUMS (calcium carbonate). It helps prevent the massive hangover by blocking some of the nastiness. If I was still a navy corpsman I'd hook you up to a 500cc bolus of Lactated Ringers then you'd be right as rain.Many a hangover has been prevented this way back in the barracks.
Phats said…
Hey Shife
Enjoy your wkend of relaxation! Also I am definitely in the Vandals corner just don't tell Duck
hey buddy!..hang in there and hey ..AA is one of the finest places to hang out if ya need a hand..! (hugsss!)..enjoy the rest of yer sober weekend with fhe fam,,Heh:)
texlahoma said…
My motto on brain cells is:

"Weed out the weaklings!"
Ms. Moon said…
Everything is going to be all right. I promise you. Look at how beautiful that boy is.
Those beers will attack you when you least suspect it. Maybe the bear suit could fight off the beer attacks?
Ananda girl said…
Ha! Some things are harder to learn than others and beer have a way of stalking you and dragging you under.
That's been my experience anyway.

I love the bear hug idea!
angel, jr. said…
A grizzly bear would be the only choice.
Saren Johnson said…
Watch out for those beers, I understand they travel in cases. Kinda like a gang.
Anonymous said…
Tequila! I like Tequila!