Random Acts of Shifeness

  • All is well with the Tankster. We have had him now for about 10 days and so far so good. He has a few habits that we need to correct like chasing cars down our street but other than that he has been awesome and we love having him in our home.
  • In my never ending quest to rank high on ridiculous keywords like Operation Dwarfshank Redemption, I must make my annual mention of an ambushed paddington. I might have mentioned it this year but I can't really recall since I am losing my mind and I am too lazy to search my own blog. If you are new to my blog and never heard of an ambushed paddington ... well I don't want to ruin your surprise. Definitely search for ambushed paddington at home and you will definitely look at your teddy bears in a different light.
  • And now "Things You Didn't Need to Know About Shife" for $200: I have only worn 5 or 6 underwear in the past 15 months. Sounds bad, right? Well I do a lot of laundry each week since Baby Shife goes through more outfits than Elton John at a Las Vegas concert so I end up throwing my clothes in there as well to have a full load. He-he ... I said full load. So a lot of my panties have not seen the light of day because I always put the clean ones on top and that is how I am rolling these days.
  • How about "Things You Didn't Need to Know About Shife" for $400: I am getting excited that the season 2 premiere of "Jersey Shore" is on July 29. Yes I know I need pharmaceutical help.
  • Finally the age-old question has been solved it looks like the chicken came before the egg. Now if they can just tell me why he crossed the damn road.
Have a good one. Talk to you soon, and here is a photo of my little baby boy who I love more and more every day.


  1. Anonymous7/14/2010

    I am too scared of what I will find to be searching out "ambushed paddington".

  2. Anonymous7/14/2010

    Oh, yes, almost forgot. I like the layout change.

  3. lol hey Shifey..TMI perhaps?..lol..wanna do my laundry too? :)

  4. There a few ambushed bears in my house but never a Paddington. Do you think kids are deprived who don't get to ambush Paddingtons?
    I'm so pleased Tank is doing well ... if chasing cars is the only thing to cure you're on a winner.
    Now, about the laundry... Heehee ... oh well, perhaps not....
    Thanks for the update picture of cutie boy, he's beginning to look like a wise kid who'll soon have your number.
    Hope you all have a good week.

  5. Baby Shife- gorgeous.
    The chicken crossed the road to show the armadillo that it COULD be done.

  6. Everyone knows the chicken crossed to the road to get to the yarn store. Maybe you do need to adjust the medication.

  7. "I am getting excited that the season 2 premiere of "Jersey Shore" is on July 29. "
    Shife. You are sick and need help.

  8. sounds like the tankster is a true alpha male. i can't imagine an ordinary basset getting off its arse to chase a car.

  9. Ha! I'm with billy p on not being able to imagine a basset chasing a car. Mine were all way too lazy and fat. That Tank is such a cutie!

    *Children should never be allowed to ambush Paddingtons! NEVER. Ha! I'd forgotten about that one. You know, my first visit here you mentioned it and so I had a look. I may not ever be the same. What does it mean that it inspired me to come back?

    About the undies... good job. Now you have back ups when you wear those out.

    That boy, Tank and your sense of humor keep me happy, Shife. Thanks for that.

  10. I'm confused. I only HAVE 5 or 6 pairs of undies. Who needs more than that?

  11. I actually had to make a concerted effort to rotate my stock of boxers, for the exact same reason.Always glad to see things are going well. Things are good here too, but I've been both lazy about posting, and very busy.

  12. Baby Shife! He always looks so happy and in charge, makes me wonder what he will be when he grows up. Something important, I have a feeling.

  13. hey Shifey! .hope your weekend is fab..it's hot hot hot here!!:)

  14. Glad the new dog is working out. I can see Tank being a transformer from basset hound to awesome slow-moving robot.


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