Countdown to 40 - Day 22

I am getting a little excited and nervous about Saturday. Nervous because I am not sure what to expect and excited because I am not sure what to expect. It is like I am going to lose my virginity all over again. I better not get into that today because that experience deserves a whole blog post. Let's just say you never forget your first time but sometimes you wish you could. Anyway I was thinking today that after almost 40 years on the third rock from the Sun that I might have some decent knowledge to pass on to people, and I guess I can share a few things based on my 40 years of sucking oxygen.
  1. Never, ever take anything for granted. And unfortunately it seems like you always have to learn this lesson the hard way.
  2. Every once in awhile just take a moment to look up in the sky and all around you to really appreciate the world we live in.
  3. Always know at least one good joke.
  4. Take a chance every now and then. Have a little fun. Let your hair down. Life is short and no one gets out alive.
  5. The most valuable thing to have is a good reputation, and it’s neither hard nor expensive to acquire one: Be fair. Be honest. Be trustworthy. Be generous. Respect others.
  6. Don't go looking for love because it will always find you when you least expect it.
  7. Be true to yourself.
  8. Having good manners and being polite never goes out of style.
  9. Exercise does not take time. Exercise creates time.
  10. Promptness shows respect.
  11. Keeping perspective is the greatest key to happiness. From a distance, even a bumpy road looks smooth.
  12. Keep an open mind and an open heart.
  13. It’s never a shame when you admit you don’t know something, and often a shame when you assume that you do.
  14. Anyone who judges you by the kind of car you drive or shoes you wear isn’t someone worth impressing.
  15. Great parents can have rotten kids and rotten parents can have great kids. But even though biology plays a huge role in destiny, that’s no excuse to give up or stop trying.
  16. Physical attraction is nice, but shared values and a shared sense of humor are the real keys to lasting love.
  17. When you mess up, ’fess up. It’s the fastest way, if there is one, to forgiveness.
  18. If you make a promise to do something, do it.
  19. Your education isn’t complete until you’ve learned to take a hint.
  20. Whatever your passion, pursue it as though your days were numbered. Because they are.
  21. Always stay faithful to your teams and your significant other. If you are not ready to commit, then don't, but once you make the leap then stick to it.

    Well that is all for today folks. I will talk to you tomorrow.


  1. Shife, you are wise beyond your near 40 years. I think those may well be the key to true happiness in life.

    That photo is a hoot!

  2. aw buddy hang in dere..nice list by the way!!!

  3. Are you enjoying these daily posts? I hope so because I am.

  4. Ananda girl - Thank you.
    WomanHonorThyself - I am almost there so I just have to hang on for a few more hours.
    Ms. Moon - It is nice to update daily but it is certainly getting a little harder to come up with material. I thought I would have more anxiety to share but I am not freaking out as much as I thought. I am glad you are enjoying the ride.

  5. Of course you're not freaking out, I never came across anyone with such a realistic viewpoint on everything.
    No 7 on your greatlist. I think I was your age when I advised stepkids always to be true to themselves, they couldn't think what I meant.
    Now don't forget ...tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life. This is where it all starts.... enjoy!

  6. may i add the myshkin basic tenet?

    humility is the greatest freedom of all.

  7. #9 Ha… love that.

    #10 Ouch.

    #15 :( Parenting is so scary, but again not an excuse. *sigh*

    LOVE the picture, lol.


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