Countdown to 40 - Day 17

So this is my last Saturday as a 39-year-old dumb, white guy and I am going to spend it with my lovely wife, adorable baby boy, and the fantabulous fat basset appreciating the awesomeness that Mother Nature has served up today. It is absolutely beautiful outside and the Shifley family is going to enjoy it as much as possible. Baby Shife has his heart set on going to the park today and I surely can't say no to that face. I hope you have a lovely day as well. Talk to you tomorrow.


  1. Have fun at the park!

  2. Getting out will do you good! Have fun with the fam ;-)

  3. A family day out, fine weather, a beautiful wife and the cutest baby boy I ever saw ... what else could life possibly offer? You got it made, Shifey. Enjoy your day at the park.


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