Random Acts of Shifeness

  • Greetings and salutations. Well March has rolled in and I am definitely looking forward to the warmer weather. The thong is already at the dry cleaners. I have had a little bit of cabin fever since I am at home with Baby Shife so it will be nice to get outside and start playing again.
  • However I can't start playing until I have my ankle surgery. I will be going under the knife next Monday so I will be probably be out of it for a few days and therefore I would not expect the DWG blog to be updated until around St. Patrick's Day or as we like to call it around my household, Mrs. Shife's birthday.
  • Speaking of surgeries, Nip/Tuck will finally be put out of its misery tonight. At one point this might have been one of the best shows on TV but now it is pretty awful. I am not sure why I am still watching but it is the series finale tonight so I will be there for the final cut. Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
  • And with the end of Nip/Tuck, I am trying to fill that void in my TV schedule. Any suggestions? Supernatural and Fringe are the two that have been most recommended to me the most.
  • We filled a void since the Winter Olympics broke up with us by finally breaking down and buying the Wii Sports Resort. Pretty, pretty fun. Me and Mrs. Shife are hooked on the 3-point-shooting game.
  • Wow all of these random acts are not actually that random since they are segueing nicely into each other. I guess I will go with the basketball theme and say that I am glad that the college basketball season is almost over. My beloved Tar Heels had a very, very disappointing year. They have 2 games left and that should be it, but at least they will finish with a .500 record or better. They were ranked #4 to start the year and will end up with 15 or 16 losses. I guess that is why they don't play the games on paper.
  • Paper or plastic? Most of the time I go with plastic because they make great pooper scoopers when we take Captain Furry Pants for a walk.
  • I think I might do it. The fat basset is not the only one walking. Baby Shife took his first step at the end of January, and now he is putting them together like a wild man. He is probably taking 12-15 steps at one time. Watching him walk reminds me a lot of a really, really drunk guy trying to walk out of the bar. Anyway I have some video goodness below for your viewing pleasure. The other video is of the little man getting introduced to his rocking horse. I think it might be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. And I apologize in advance if the song the horse sings gets stuck in your head.
Have a great day and a great rest of your week. See you soon.

P.S. I forgot to reveal my actual age. Billy, Red, and Random Chick were correct on their guesses, I am 39. Turning the big 4-0 this year, and you know what that means ... that's right an awesome prostate exam. So excited.


  1. oh gosh was just gunna visit ya!..good luck wif da ankle dude!..hang in there..Spring is comin any month now!!

  2. Anonymous3/03/2010

    Your birthday, aka St. Patty's Day, caused me to land in the emergency room 2 years ago because I got shit-faced (aka shit-assed), couldn't walk and fell chin forward to the floor. This all before sun down! So St. Patty's always reminds me of chin-stitches since then... and now your birthday will. thx!

  3. Love the video! The second one wouldn't work for me thought.

    Happy early birthday to your wife and good luck with the surgery!

    Don't try Dollhouse, it's only good for about 11 episodes and then it's just a disaster.

  4. Woman - Thank you and can't wait for Spring.

    Blame - It is actually my wife's birthday and I will be sure to tell her how fondly you remember it.

    Crystal - I appreciate it and I put the second video on Facebook so maybe it will work for you there.

  5. Those videos were too short! I swear to gosh, I could watch way more than that, and for real? I totally don't feel that way about many babies. Throw in the fat bassett, and between the two of them I could probably watch for at least 45 minutes.

    Your baby is awesome

  6. p.s. good luck on the surgery! you'll do great.

  7. Thanks Leah. I try to keep them short and sweet but trust me I have some long ones that I have not published yet. I just don't have the time with Daddy Daycare going full time. Take care.

  8. oh that was adorable!! that is one of the most beautiful smiles!

  9. PS Do everything the doc orders so you can heal properly!! No shortcuts! Good luck!

  10. KaLynn - I will definitely follow the doc's orders because I need to start playing softball sooner than later. And thank you for the Baby Shife compliments.

  11. Wow. you've sure got a lot to look forward to: Mrs Shife's birthday, St Patrick's day, springtime, an ankle op AND a prostate exam. How on earth will you contain your excitement? Well, happy birthday to the birthday girl and best wishes for the ankle op. Loved, absolutely loved, the videos of the little man. Did I tell you I'd fallen in love with him....

  12. Hi Val. Yep it is going to be a busy month. Fortunately the prostate exam is in April so I have some extra time to figure out how to keep my excitement contained. Glad you liked the videos.

  13. I always enjoy the Baby Shife videos. Thanks.

    I hope the surgery goes as well as it can and you have a speedy recovery.

    Good for you for going plastic and making those recoveries! I think my neighbors all train their dogs to go in my yard. I've considered using plastic to collect and return them... hang them by the loops on their doors.

  14. He is so cute I almost can't stand it! And thank god for spring, because I work outside the home and STILL have cabin fever.

  15. 50 is the magic age for a prostrate exam here. i guess the critics of government health were right, we do have inferior health coverage.

    or maybe your doctors want the extra cash with 10 more years of exams.

  16. Wow. never would have guessed you were older than me.

  17. 39! YES! What do I win?

    Nip/Tuck "jumped the shark" a long time ago. Supernatural was awesome. I haven't seen all of season four or any of season five so I'm not sure how awesome it will remain. It originally wasn't supposed to go on for five seasons but I think you'll like it. Get it on netflix and watch it from the beginning. 'Fringe' is also very excellent. Very excellent thus far.

  18. Those vids made me grin like a big ol' fool. Which I am. A big ol' fool for babies. Especially really cute ones like yours.
    Hope spring gets your way very soon.

  19. New show to watch: Tosh.0 on comedy central. Clips of all the funniest internet shit hosted by one of the best comedians around.

    prostate exam: Enjoy those fingers in your butt because lord knows your wife won't do that for you anymore. Huh?

    first steps: Congrats to the little bald man! He's super cute.

    Paper/Plastic: I say as long as you're getting a second use out of the plastic, I say you're okay and not ruining the environment.

  20. I'm gonna 2nd Dr. Ken's suggestion. Tosh.0 is all sorts of awesome. Too bad that its not on hulu or I'd catch it more often.

    And while I love the 3-pt contest in Wii Sports Resort, the REAL timewaster is the airplane section of Air Sports. Flying around the island collecting all of the info graphics is surprisingly therapeutic.

    Good to see that your little man is mobile now. Welcome to a world of trouble my friend.

  21. Hope the surgery goes well. It was pretty pathetic watching UNC lose so badly to Duke last weekend.

    And just don't forget to turn your head and cough this year!

  22. Hey Shife!
    I am definitely ready for warmer weather myself. It's gotten warm here but it apparently is going to cool again bOO!!

    You should watch Glee, my wife and I LOVE it, it's our couple show. I am guessing you'll pass but you should try it you might like it.

    Wii Sports Resorts, the bicycle game kills the HELL out of my arms.

    Have a good one

  23. Good luck with the ankle, I messed mine up a little on a motorcycle, it was a warm summer day in Oklahoma...

    Supernatural is pretty good at void filling, the Valentines Day episode was a standout.

  24. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apzXGEbZht0

    the power to make or break....or spoil :-)

  25. Come on Shife you're slacking on your posts :) haha

    Picks are up thanks again for playing!


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