Rookie Dad Journal Highlights (January)

January 1 – Happy New Year!!!! Baby Shife rang in the New Year by giving himself another awesome bump on his forehead. He also got to break out a new wardrobe – the 9-month-old collection. The onesies fit him well but he is not filling out the pants yet.
January 3 – Another rookie parent mistake – taking your child to Buffalo Wild Wing’s on a Sunday during the NFL season. We got there and it was really, really loud. They had one game being blasted throughout the restaurant and you could barely hold a conversation with anyone. Then they have about 40 TVs flashing images so Baby Shife might have been a little over stimulated when he got home which led to him waking up in the middle of the night several times screaming and crying.
January 5 – 9-month-old checkup went OK but we need to beef up the baby. He only weighed 16 pounds so the doctor wants to see him again in a month to see if there is a health issue. I think part of the problem is that we quit giving him rice cereal in the morning and went with Cheerios instead so I think he will be fine once we start giving him the cereal again.
January 6 – Baby Shife pretended he was Quincy today by trying to go through the doggie door. He got about halfway out the door before I caught him. Good times.
January 8 – Baby Shife played a new game today – Throw all of your toys on the floor while you are at Costco. He thought it was especially amusing that his Daddy kept picking them up and putting them back in his car seat.
January 9 – We are teaching Baby Shife some basic baby sign language like milk, all done, eat, all done, and dog. The one for dog is to stick your tongue out and start panting. Well the little man has the noise down but he can’t stick his tongue out quite yet. It was pretty funny hearing some heavy panting below me before I realized what was happening. While I was at the computer desk, he was petting the dog on the floor making the dog sound.
January 13 – Somebody lost their phone privileges today. Baby Shife was playing with my phone – and the keyboard was locked – but he still managed to place an emergency call so I got a call from the Sheriff’s Office asking me if everything was OK because a 911 call was placed from my cell phone. Really nice.
January 14 – Baby Shife’s latest joie de vivre is playing with his food and then working it into his hair. Right now rice cereal seems to really give his hair the best lift and volume.
January 15 – I let Baby Shife watch about 30 seconds of “Blue’s Clues” just to see if he would be mesmerized. It did catch his eye but he did not fall under the mystical spell of Blue and there was no fussing when I turned it off.
January 16 – Baby Shife is getting adventurous with his climbing. He is using whatever he can find to reach newer heights in the house. We are in so much trouble when he starts walking. He is going to get into everything.
January 18 – We are trying a new approach with the little man to see if he will sleep better through the night. Baby Shife will go to bed a little later at night and I hope it works. Otherwise he is going to have to learn to fall back asleep the hard way and cry it out.
January 20 – I am going to go ahead and call it – His first words are “Ma, ma, ma.”
January 21 – I always feel joy when I walk into his room and he is up from his nap because he always greets me with a huge smile. Today was especially amusing as the little man had removed his pants and tossed them to the floor so he was just hanging out in his onesie smiling away when I came to get him.
January 22 – Baby Shife was standing in the kitchen and he took a step. It was a little, itty, bitty one but he took that first step. I am so screwed. I need a drink.
January 23 – Sometimes I just sit back and watch Baby Shife play with all of his toys, and I am just amazed and humbled by him. It sometimes seems surreal that I am his father and he is my baby boy.
January 24 – Baby Shife met my brother’s dog today and I don’t know if it is because he is used to seeing the fat basset in a constant state of unconsciousness but he was not a big fan of Tyrus. The dog is only a year old so he is full of energy and I think he scared Baby Shife a little bit. It was not cool seeing Baby Shife pouting a little bit and almost crying.
January 25 – Baby Shife is becoming more and more self-aware. He figured out to turn the TV and DVD player on and off, and he can open up the cabinets in the kitchen. Where in the heck am I going to hide my porn now?
January 26 – Baby Shife has been upset before mostly because he was hungry or tired but today he threw his first temper tantrum around me because I would not let him have the TV remote control.
January 27 – Baby Shife had a three-course meal today. Lasagna, green beans, and banana puffs complemented with a nice bottle of 2010 milk.
January 28 – I bestowed a new nickname on the big guy. Desctructocon. He transforms from a baby to a room redecorating machine leaving nothing but destruction in his path.
January 29 – Baby Shife found the Game Boy today along with the Wii remote control but he lost interest in them pretty fast and went back to his old toys.
January 30 – The later bedtime seems to be helping out baby boy and his sleeping pattern. Hopefully he will keep it up and give his momma a little more sleep.
January 31 – 10-months-old. Yay!!!

And here he is with his finger in his month playing with his new tooth.


Ms. Moon said…
My grandson is hot on his darling heels.
Mr. Shife said…
Yes he is. I think they need to go on a nationwide cutie pie modeling tour.
Limon Partido said… are so screwed when he starts walking and I think he has "mastered" the "who me?" look in this picture.....
Red said…
"January 3 – Another rookie parent mistake – taking your child to Buffalo Wild Wing’s on a Sunday during the NFL season. "
That late night crying and such was PTSD. Poor little boo-Shife. No public sports t.v. + wings until he's older DAD.
aw 10 months...he's ancient!
Valerie said…
Hmmm rice cereal … I’ll try that! If it works I’ll give Baby Shife the credit.

When my lad was little everything was kept at ceiling height. You could try locks on cupboard doors, or maybe super glue. Failing either of them working you’re stuck with having to relocate all your belongings. Don’t worry about the porn, he won’t understand it for a week or two.

Thanks for an enjoyable post. I love reading the highlights … and the picture. My humour is now reset to good!

Jon said…
Still so adorable. Little Colin has realized he can vocalize a lot more, and that his hands are his.
You'll have to forgive my lack of posting. I guess with the new schedule, if I don't update on Monday or Tuesday, I'm out for the week. But it's a great schedule, if only for seeing the little guy more.
Travis Erwin said…
And the fun just keeps growing with the little guys.
Ananda girl said…
Glad to see the little Destructocon is as cute and active as ever Great grins here, Shife.
I like Baby Shife's style. Sometimes I kick it in a onesie.
Crystal Posey said…
Coping? Are you serious? I don't cope. Got back to my blog. A post, just for you.

Now, to go read this post.
Crystal Posey said…
After our teen pitched a fit b/c I needing him to babysit, while I took DD to dance class, I decided to take all four kids AND him. If he didn't want to babysit, that was fine. He could go inside and sit with the other parents and watch her dance, while I watched the others.

So, there I was thinking how smart I was when the 1yo starts screaming, crying. For no apparent reason. The other two are bored out of their minds, breaking things inside the van. Then I lose my phone. A few minutes later, I realize I'm sitting on it and my ass has called 911. Yes, I am brilliant.

Btw, BONES returns in April.
texlahoma said…
I guess I'm about a generation ahead of you, my grandson is close to the age of baby Shife. He bumped his head pretty good the other day. They're tougher than you might think.
I noticed that Lego wagon in one of the older pics, grandson has one just like it.
Remember one thing young father. How do kids spell love? T-I-M-E.
Crystal Posey said…
Just in case you forgot the lyrics:

"I Want It That Way"


You are my fire
The one desire
Believe when I say
I want it that way

But we are two worlds apart
Can't reach to your heart
When you say
That I want it that way

Tell me why
Ain't nothin' but a heartache
Tell me why
Ain't nothin' but a mistake
Tell me why
I never wanna hear you say
I want it that way

Am I your fire
Your one desire
Yes I know it's too late
But I want it that way


Now I can see that we're falling apart
From the way that it used to be, yeah
No matter the distance
I want you to know
That deep down inside of me...

You are my fire
The one desire
You are
You are, you are, you are

Don't wanna hear you say
Ain't nothin' but a heartache
Ain't nothin' but a mistake
(Don't wanna hear you say)
I never wanna hear you say
I want it that way

Tell me why
Ain't nothin' but a heartache
Tell me why
Ain't nothin but a mistake
Tell me why
I never wanna hear you say
(Don't wanna hear you say it)
I want it that way
I want it that way
billy pilgrim said…
i think you've passed the rookie stage and are now an expert!

Phats said…
he's so cute shife!

Could he possibly have woken up screaming and crying because they were playing a Lions game? I mean that could make a grown man scream and cry.

Love that he got out the doggy door too cute
angel, jr. said…
Keep the journal coming. Those are good times!! And lots of fun reading them.