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I am not sure if it is evident or not to those who visit my blog but sports - playing and watching - are a big part of my life. Sometimes my competitive nature gets the best of me when it comes to sports and I get a little upset if my team loses or if I have a bad day at the ball field. Well I had a dissatisfactory day recently watching one of my teams play and concluded enough was enough. I decided to take a break from watching sports for a bit. It hasn't been as bad as I thought but I didn't completely comprehend how much sports I watched until nothing was on TV. So this past weekend I decided to watch a movie or 10. And yes I do have a bit of an obsessive-compulsive thing going on. I had to make it 10 because that was a nice even number.
  1. What Happens in Vegas - It is cheesy but it makes Mrs. Shife laugh so it gets a big thumbs-up from me because I love watching her giggle out loud.
  2. Point Break - Nothing captures the awesomeness of Keanu Reeves and his acting chops like this cinematic masterpiece.
  3. Sixteen Candles - I had not seen this one in a long time and it holds up pretty well for being 25 years old. Farmer Ted cracks me up, and who doesn't love Long Duk Dong.
  4. Step Brothers - This is pretty much a movie for guys, and this guy loves it. So many great lines. "I'll kiss you on the mouth, Kenny Rogers"
  5. Seven Pounds - It may have some flaws but the message is a good one. It did make me blubber like a baby because the story line did touch a little too close to home for me.
  6. Big Fan - Very dark comedy about a guy obsessed with his favorite team, and the lengths he will go to be a fan.
  7. The Book of Eli - I liked it. There was one part of the movie I thought was a little ridiculous but I will not give away too many details since some of you may not have seen it yet.
  8. The Hurt Locker - Very intense movie which has received a lot of awards and praise. I hate knowing that before I watch a movie because my expectations are set way too high and then I am ultimately disappointed in the film which was the case with this one.
  9. The Goods - It had potential but it seems like they mailed it in after the first 15 minutes. It did have one line that resonated, "Falling to my death, dressed as Abe Lincoln, holding a big, purple dildo! This is how I drew it up."
  10. Vision Quest - Released in 1985, the movie doesn't hold up too well, it has some contunity errors, but I watched it numerous times in high school and college to help get my mind right before a wrestling match. I also loved the soundtrack. I could relate to Louden Swain because I always had to cut weight and I did a lot of the things he did to lose the pounds.
So to borrow from my blogging buddy Dr. Kenneth Noisewater, please tell me dear readers about a motion picture you have seen recently? Or you can just tell me how much trouble I am in when the little dude starts walking? It should not be too long before he is moving by advancing the feet alternately so that there is always one foot on the ground in bipedal locomotion.

And here he is taking a ride in his dump truck. I love that smile and I just wonder how much it is going to cost me at Toys R Us when he is older.


  1. I'M GOING TO SEE AVATAR IN 3D THIS SUNDAY! Freakin finally. I'm so excited.

    I saw The Hangover with husband last week. I didn't think I was going to like it, but it's actually hilarious.

    Major trouble with walking. Major heart trouble when he learns how to get up on the couch. You'll loose a heartbeat every time it looks like he's about to fall.

  2. Well have yourself a good time at Avatar. I guess Santa finally got around to taking care of your present. The Hangover is ... wait for it ... wait ... awesome.
    And I am already there with losing heartbeats. He has figured out how to use objects like the fat basset to climb and he has already invaded the couch and the fireplace. The kid is going to keep me busy.

  3. The Mrs. and I saw the new Sherlock Holmes and I was actually surprised to like it as much as I did. We recently got the HBO package, and I'm shocked at some of the movies I've watched recently, even if only for a few minutes.

  4. Perhaps I shouldn't comment here 'cause I rarely watch movies or television. See how quickly I get out of my depth when you introduce stuff like sports... geez, tennis is the ONLY sport I would watch. Hubs, now he's different to me, he watches sport like it was a religion. He gets quite depressed if his team loses... sad really!
    But talking about Baby Shife lifts my spirit so it's not all bad. I get a kick out of seeing a comment from you on my blog (thank you, it was appreciated) knowing I had a treat in store when I skipped over to yours. Don't worry, the little man walking will be a big thrill for you; forget the tumbles, just think how CLEVER he is.
    OMG that was a long one.... she said.

  5. I want to watch Sherlocke Homes. Husband says it's good. We saw the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus and I have to say that it was weird and held my attention throughout the entire show. You have love a movie with Tom Waits as the Devil.

    When kiddo starts walking, get ready to never sit still for at least the next four years. Good times.

  6. Jon - I saw Sherlock Holmes as well, and liked it more than I thought I would. And the good thing about HBO is they show the same movies over and over so you have plenty of time to watch them.

    Val - You better comment. I always look forward to your insight. Sounds like your Hubs is like me when it comes to sports. And I think he is most cleverest baby in the world but me thinks I might be a little biased.

  7. Hello Red. Well your hubby is right, Sherlock Holmes is pretty good. I am not familiar with the Dr. Parnassus movie. I might have to look that one up and add it to the Netflix queue. I imagine I will just be following him around when he starts walking. Possibly going to get him a little football outfit so he is all padded up when he starts bouncing off the walls. Good times indeed.

  8. Recently, Little Nicky was on as a late night movie. I have seen it before; however, my current man has not. He was laughing-- very hard at times! It's a cute movie and all I can say is.... "Get into the flask!"

    This is another funny Adam Sandler movie!

  9. Baby Shife in the little dump truck-omg the cuteness!

    I've only seen two movies on your list--I still love "16 Candles" and believe it or not, this girl laughed quite a lot at "Step Brothers!"

    A movie I've seen We just saw Star Trek, which was a bit of a disappointment, but I loved the casting. Next in my queue is "Paranormal Activity" which I am very excited about. I love getting scared from fake stuff.

  10. I caught Youth in Revolt with the girl as both of are big Michael Cera fans. Surprisingly, neither one of us liked it. There were a few moments of genuine laugh out loud humor, but overall the pacing of the movie just felt painfully slow.

    I also caught The Soloist a few days ago on HBO. Wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. I just felt unsatisfied after the whole experience.

  11. i watched zombieland the other day. it was decent but i don't know how it got 89 on the tomatometer.

  12. Have you seen The Hangover?
    I wasn't sure at first but then I got use to the different style of it and liked it pretty well.

  13. Tiggysmum - I have never seen Little Nicky but Adam Sandler is always good for a laugh. I am interested to see how his humor translates to my son when he is old enough to watch stuff like that.

    Leah - I enjoyed Star Trek and I have heard good stuff about Paranormal Activity but have not seen it yet. Let me know how it is. And awesome that you liked Step Brothers.

    TOPolk - Bummer about Youth in Revolt. I was kind of hoping that it was going to be a decent flick. I guess all the good stuff was in the previews. They are playing The Soloist non-stop on HBO so I have basically seen the entire movie. Granted it took about 2 weeks and 67 viewings but I got it down. I was a little disappointed in it. I guess I was expecting more.

    Billy - Zombieland is locked and loaded in my Netflix queue.

    Texlahoma - I love The Hangover. I actually tried to convince Mrs. Shife that we should call the baby Carlos but she did not go for it.

  14. Point Break - don't forget this rad movie also features Patrick Swayze being a true bad-ass.

    Saw Avitar with my son, in 3-D. It was visually stunning. The storyline is so overdone, but you don't care as you're watching the film.

  15. I am fascinated with Polygamy so I have been catching up on Season 3 of Big Love. I know it's not a movie, but since I can rent it through Netflix, I will classify it as in the same category.
    If you haven't watched it, I recommend it. However, I am somewhat ashamed of a my tiny attraction to Bill Paxton as a dorky yet oddly hot Mormon.

  16. The Phoenix - Totally agree with on Point Break and I felt the same way about Avatar. The story is not going to blow you away but the effects most certainly will.

    Jenni - The wife and I have been watching Big Love for a long time. We like it but I do not find myself having the same feelings for Bill Henrickson like you do.

  17. I have not seen a recent movie. I intend to see The Wolfman as soon as possible. Everyone in my house can recited much of the script to 16 Candles! Its like part of the family.

    Baby Shife is as adorable as ever. I won't worry you with horror stories. Babies are sturdy.
    But you will be running after him. Ha. Its a fun time, enjoy!

  18. Ananda girl - I think I would fit in well with your family then because I can recite me some lines from Sixteen Candles also. Wolfman looks pretty cool. And thanks for not sharing any horror stories. I am sure I will plenty of mine to share shortly.

  19. I really liked Holmes and we rented The Hurt Locker the other night - pretty intense.

    Over the weekend Liam & I watched What About Bob? for the billionth time. Love that movie even though Dreyfuss is pretty over-the-top by the end...

  20. Megan - I still find myself quoting What About Bob to this day, "baby steps get on the bus, baby steps down the aisle, baby steps."

  21. wow dude u REALLY did watch some do that in 2 weeks when I escape to Florida..shh!

  22. To them, who are planning to watch, Sherlock, dugh! awful movie! just two stupids guys, one of them who don't want his friend marry to a women... anyways I preffered "The Goods" the dildo part is really funny.

  23. I watched 500 days of summer with my 19 year old son. We both enjoyed the movie.

  24. WomenHonorThyself - Your secret is safe with me. I hope you have a good trip.

    Kevin - Always appreciate a dildo link. There just is not enough of them out there.

    Elizabeth - 500 Days is a good film. Me and the wife really liked it.

  25. I've done some blogging on Vision Quest both on the gancer blog and the old liars club blog. There's something about a high school wrestling movie with an all 80's soundtrack that just kicks ass, sorta.

    Lunatic Fringe!!

  26. I need to make a day for a movie marathon.

  27. The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus was a movie that was directed by the late Heath Ledger. He died during the filming so they had to go back and reshoot some stuff to explain why he isn't in parts of the movie. For me it made the sotry more interesting. Some interesting cameos. Put that in your que and watch it :-D

  28. Anonymous1/22/2010

    Last movie we saw was Avatar...after drinking a few Margaritas. It was totally awesome!!!

  29. Omg, Step brother movie

    how crazy is the wife of will farrels brother....
    the blonde
    who talks dirty

    she is classic
    she makes the movie worth watching


    and where the pillow is in the oven...

  30. One of my cheesy favorites is "Definitely, Maybe"--just a pretty fun show--and Ryan Reynolds is my man crush.

    I haven't seen "Seven Pounds", but I have been meaning to get to it. And now that you have delivered that line from "Step Brothers", I am going to watch it.

  31. The most recent movie I watched on the big screen was Avatar in 3D. I would watch that one over and over. It was a beautiful movie. All of the pretty colors and bioilluminescence. (not sure I spelled that right, but who cares, right?) A movie that I can never get enough of is Hitch. The scene where Kevin James shows off is dance moves to Will Smith is laugh until you cry funny. I've seen Point Blank and in my opinion, Keanu could not act himself out of a paper sack. Every character he has ever portrayed has been the same. Emotionless and monotoned. He's like a wooden man. I also recently watched Austraila. Still not sure what my opinion of that one is except that Huge Jackman is HOT HOT HOT. Oh yes, the man is quite doable in my book. And Hubby thinks the same of Nicole Kidman. Good luck with Baby Shife's new trick, Bipedal locomotion! Life will never be the same.

  32. Hey, Dumb White Guy! You have to come over and comment on my porn post, it's not any fun when it's just girl on girl action over there. We need a man!

  33. I just saw Paranormal and I haven't slept well since.


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