Rookie Dad Journal Highlights

September 1 – Baby Shife got to go to his first birthday party today. He got groped by a 1-year-old but he took it all in stride like he knows he is a ladies man. Pass the Courvoisier.

September 2 – Baby Shife tried rice cereal yesterday and we tried it again today. It was fun feeding him and watching him make a huge mess. The fat basset enjoyed it as well because he got some of the leftovers that didn’t quite make it to Baby Shife's mouth. This might be the event that unites baby and Quincy.

September 5 – Baby Shife went to his first college football game as we went to the Wazzu home opener and watched them play Stanford. He had a good time and was a good baby.

September 7 – Headed back home today and there was only was visit from the mud butt fairy, but he was not happy camper when we got back to the house and tried to put him to bed. He was pretty fussy for about 2 hours before he finally calmed down.

September 10 – Just love feeding him his rice cereal. Whoever said it is the little things must of have kids. Feel so blessed to have a beautiful baby boy.

September 11 – Baby Shife went through the car wash and it did not enjoy the experience. A little too loud for him. I also bought a Wii today and I sure hope kids are still playing them when he is older. He also got his Aunt a nice birthday present

September 12 – On the road to Salt Lake City to watch a MLS game. Mrs. Shife and Baby Shife watched the first half and then headed back to the hotel. They were both tired after a long day but the game was a lot of fun. Really cool stadium and Baby Shife handled it well.

September 13 – Back home after our trip to Salt Lake City. Baby Shife got to watch a little bit of the football Cardinals play today and it looks like the same old Cardinals. I hope he doesn’t have to wait as long as I did to see his favorite NFL team make it to the Super Bowl.

September 14 – He is getting so close to crawling. Baby Shife can move backwards, and he gets his butt up in the air then gets up on all fours but can’t get the motor moving forward. But he is pretty darn close to becoming a mobile baby.

September 16 – Baby Shife tried out sweet potatoes today and didn’t care for them too much.

September 17 – Baby Shife made another appearance at Mommy’s office and brought productivity to a stand still.

September 18 – Going back to the Palouse but this time it will only take an hour. It sure is nice to fly to Moscow instead of driving. Hope Baby Shife will enjoy his second plane ride as much as his first one.

September 19 – Baby Shife’s first Vandal game and it was a good one. He had a good time because he got kisses from a 3-year-old girl the whole game. And Idaho won too.

September 23 – He is getting so active and developing a little personality. It is like trying to herd a wet cat sometimes when I am changing his diaper.

September 24 – Some days it is being a parent, and then some days you feel like you have no idea what you are doing. Yesterday he ate great, took nice naps, and was a happy baby. Today he is the exact opposite of that previous sentence.

September 25 – Our 5-year-anniversay and it is hard to believe we would be so blessed with a wonderful little man.

September 26 – Baby Shife supposedly ate “organic” sweet potatoes this week and boy oh boy did they produce some not so "organic" farts. The kid was dropping bombs like a veteran. And then when the farts decided to transform into a solid mass. Really nice Clark. Really nice. I think his room is going to smell for weeks after that crap burger he dropped in his Huggies.

September 29 – We are having a heck of a time keeping Baby Shife idle while we change his diaper. He just moves around and around and does not want to sit still. I am thinking we might have to strap him down with duct tape just to get a new mud butt holder on him.

September 30 – Hard to believe but he is 6-months-old. Wow.

And your weekly photo fix:


  1. ROFL! I love Sept. 1 & Sept. 26. Baby Shife is going to love reading all this when he is older. Good job dad!

    This has to be THE best photo I've seen yet. I love, love, love it.

  2. I hope he enjoys reading it later in life. I have been keeping it since day 1. And I think it is one of my favorite photos as well.

  3. I can't get enough of this little guy. My granddaughter is just about the same age. Enjoy him, soon he'll be mobile and it's harder to smother them in kisses.

  4. Well Elizabeth he is already mobile and terrorizing the fat basset. I still can smother him with kisses but I also have to constantly keep an eye on him. My life is never going to be the same.

  5. Your parenting blog bits are the very best around. Your sense of humor will be your best parenting tool, I am convinced.

    Your little man is so lucky!

  6. Sigh, he is so lovely. and I think it is the organic crap that causes the terrible stink; when O. was a baby I was nursing but when I went back to work he had to have about 4 oz of formula a day. sO I was all hip and cool and bought him this organic stuff-and he LOVED it. It was good for him. no problems, nothing-except he smelled SO bad that I couldn't even stand to be in the CAR with him. So much for being more health conscious-I thre that stuff away!

  7. Well thank you Leah, but I feel like the lucky one having such a beautiful baby boy.

  8. Kori - I am glad to hear someone else had that experience with the organic stuff because it is brutal what is coming out of his butt. It just a big old pile of brown butt paste that smells awful. Maybe we will have to experiment and see how he does with the regular stuff.

  9. Yep. Bring a baby into the mix at an office and all work comes to a screeching halt. Especially in an office full of women. Handsome Behbeh Shife is making his "Go Cardinals" fists I see.

  10. I laughed all the way through that. I love it when they hit that stuck in neutral stage and rock back and forth without going anywhere... but boy they look determined! hahahaha

    I think what I love most about your posts,Shife is how much you obviously love that boy and love being his dad and being a family. It does my heart good to see you so happy. Thank for sharing that joy!

  11. wow, baby shife is one busy guy!

    good to see you're balancing the football with a little soccer.

    are you taking him to south africa for the world cup?

  12. nobody likes to go through the carwash. at first. but somebody invented multi-colored wax splatters for the windows.....oooooooh

  13. Why are Aussies able to make absolutely anything funny? I am totally jealous of this ability and would steal it if I could figure out how.

  14. Wash State football, Idaho Football, Real SLC soccer, and Cardinals football??? Will you adopt me?

  15. Wow he's such a little preppy kid already :)

    This entry made me laugh and smile thanks for that, he will definitely enjoy reading this especially the mudd fairy part when he gets older haha

  16. Love the everyday observations of life with your sweet baby boy...can't believe he might be crawling, I remember your post about getting the Mrs. to the hospital.

    This picture is my favorite yet!

  17. He looks so enthusiastic, good pic.

  18. What a fantastically cool idea, to keep a journal like this. How I wish I'd done that!

    Lil Shife, you got yourself a good dad. Be nice to him and give him lots of smiles and a few less mud butts!

  19. Kisses, kisses, kisses to Baby Shife! Bless his cute little darling heart.

  20. I've actually thought about keeping a small log for my kid to see/have when he's older. Now, I don't feel quite so original.

  21. 2 and 11 made me smile! LOL I'm not surprised Baby Shife didn't like the carwash. I'm not that keen on it myself. Have to say that is a brilliant picture of him. I can't stop drooling over your little man.

  22. Oh no--no strapping him down!! We must let him be energized. Perhaps he'll turn that energy into a becoming a good running back, or a wide receiver!!

  23. Baby Shife is very handsome! He's going to be a heart breaker, just like my lil guy!

    Glad he's enjoying the traveling. It will make your life easier as he gets older. My lil guy loves to travel. Somedays he would love to have a video playing, but I don't have a DVD player in the new vehicle. Might try to get one for our next trip North!

    Enjoy this age..... They grow up too soon!

  24. He is just adorable and you sound like you're being the model dad. Well done!!


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