Random Acts of Shifeness

  • Baby Shife's first Halloween and he is going to look pretty awesome if I must say so myself. He and Mrs. Shife are working on their costumes together. I should have a nice picture for you next week.
  • Speaking of Baby Shifley, here is the link to his 6-month-old video that I made, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-mbWkAlww4
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  • The last bullet point was actually a Random Act of Baby Shifeness. I am not fluent in baby talk so someone might need to translate for me but that was him typing on the keyboard.
  • Anyone excited about the Yankees-Phillies in the World Series? I guess I just want to see the Yankees lose but that is about the only thing that makes it interesting to me.
  • Maybe I watched too many X-Files episodes or I am just a skeptical person but I find it interesting that they think they found Amelia Earhart's final resting place just as the movie about her is about to be released into the wild.
  • I put this on Facebook but wanted to share here as well because I miss Mitch Hedberg. I think Pringles original intention was to make tennis balls ... but on the day the rubber was supposed to show up a truckload of potatoes came. Pringles is a laid-back company, so they just said, "Screw it, cut em up!"
  • I dislike broccoli intensely so let's just get that out of the way. Anyway it looks a great deal like cauliflower so do you think it is envious of cauliflower? Wait for it. It is like a joke grenade. Or perhaps cauliflower is just scared broccoli? Something to think about.
  • Have a great week and I hope you have a wonderful Halloween. See you in 7 days.
And here he is ...


  1. Great video of the little man. He's so active now I'm surprised you can keep up with him. Fat Bassett is very good with him too. Anyway, what has broccoli done to earn your dislike,,, grins.

  2. I love Baby Shife. He is not only cute and obviously smart, he seems to be very happy with life in general. And why shouldn't he be? He has so many people to love and snorgle him.

  3. Yes, clearly that bullet point is Baby S asking for more snorgling. :)

    I might have to pass on the Series this year. I had two shots at actually going to a game, and both teams failed me.

    I'm on to basketball...

  4. Handsome baby boo!
    And cauliflower is broccoli that's been stricken with vitiligo.Ee-hee!

  5. ROFL That HUGE dog and Baby Shifer crack me up. That was so cute and hilarious. And looooove the photo. Have a great week.

  6. Valerie - Glad you enjoyed the vid and FB has his moments with the baby but for the most part they are doing OK. And broccoli has earned my disdain because it tastes awful.

    Ms. Moon - He is definitely a flirt. He always flashes a smile to the ladies when we take him out. And we definitely snorgle the heck out of him.

    Megan - My college and pro football teams are still doing well so I am postponing my transition to college hoops for a little but I am excited about basketball getting underway.

  7. Red - You had to make me look up vitiligo. Never heard that word before. And yes he is a handsome one. Thanks goodness he takes after his momma.

    Crystal - Glad you enjoyed the vid and photo. You have a great week too and hope you and your family have an awesome Halloween.

  8. Shife!! Love the video...and the blue eyes on Baby Shife are even more impressive in the video.. He's a sweet, sweet boy and Fat Bassett is so good to him. Just you wait until he tries to ride him like a pony...

  9. Limon - I am not sure if he is past the stage where the eye color can change but it does look like he is going to have some blue ones like his Dad. And we have already done the pony rides with the fat basset and he was not amused.

  10. gosh, baby shife has a bigger wardrobe than me! he seems to have a few toys too!

    be careful with the broccoli remarks around baby shife. the lovely mrs m used to scream at me for trashing veggies in front of the kids.

  11. Billy - It appears I might be stimulating the economy myself. Every time we go out he ends up with a new toy and new clothes. It is hard not spoiling the little dude. I am going to let him make his own choices on broccoli but if he is my son I think he might tell the brocs go to suck a muffler.

  12. Oh my gosh, that video was great! Thank Baby Shife for me for drooling on the fat basset... I've always wanted to drool back on the ones that goobered me up. ;-)

    Well, it does look like the broccoli is green with envy.

    Hahaha... I'm here commenting at you're at my place commenting. Great minds... the video made my day. Thanks!

  13. Ananda Girl - Great minds indeed. Baby Shife tries to moisturize the FB on a daily basis. Take care and hope you have a great rest of your week.

  14. I always wondered why the Pringles chips game in a can.

  15. Have you ever seen Broccoflower? It's broccoli and cauliflower. The devil's weed.

  16. Anonymous10/28/2009

    OH! Can't wait to see the Halloween costumes! What are you dressing up as? Dare I ask?

  17. Baby Shife looks right at home with that football. Maybe some day the Sooners will try to recruit him.
    Maybe I watched too many X-files cause the timing seems a little odd to me too.

  18. Can't wait to see the Halloween costume.

    Don't follow or care about baseball, except for the lovable losers AKA the Cubs!

    Love pringles mmmm


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