Random Acts of Shifeness

  • I had to break out the pants today. Fall is officially here. Yuk.
  • My good friend Phats had me make college football picks for his blog. They will be up Wednesday or Thursday. Check them out if you are interested in my completely "scientific" approach to picking football games.
  • The new TV season is in full swing and I have only added two new shows to my list, "Modern Family" and "Flashforward." I really liked them both. "Modern Family" has that "Arrested Development" feel to it so that was a good sign. And "Flashforward" will get the "Lost" comparisons but it could develop into something really nice and interesting.
  • Heading back to the Midwest this week. Taking Baby Shifley back for the first time to meet some of his other relatives. We were suppose to go back in July but our plans got changed by a canceled flight. Anyway looking forward to taking him to a Cardinals game and seeing some family. But I have to admit I had a really bad night Sunday thinking about my Mom and how much I wished she would be there when we arrived at the airport.
  • I know it is probably just a coincidence but Baby Shifley is just drawn to the TV when there is a baseball game so I am curious to see how he reacts to seeing it live. Like I said I know it is probably just a coincidence and if there was ballet on there he would most likely check it out, but I just like to think he is going to be a baseball nut like his old man.

  • The fat basset and Baby Shifley are starting to share. More like Captain Furry Pants is enjoying some of the little man's blankets. It is a start and maybe now that Baby Shife is eating solid foods they will get along even better.

  • My softball season officially ended yesterday. We won our last game and after 36 league games, 5 tournaments, and a few practices I can finally let my body get healed up. I think I might be getting too old for this game. But I know I will be getting excited come spring when it is to lace up the cleats again.
  • Well my friends have a great week and a lovely weekend. It will be quiet here on the blog for about 2 weeks because we will be on vacation so take care and talk to you later.
And here is a shot of my little Cardinals fan. As I mentioned he is starting to eat solid foods so we get to break out all of his cool bibs. He is almost 6-months-old and is still an absolute joy to me. I love that little baby more and more every day and I feel so fortunate that I am able to spend so much time with him on a regular basis.


  1. Oh I love fall!

    I only watch two shows BONES and Castle... okay I'm trying out the new Vampire Diaries but I don't think its going to last.

    Could you imagine us with all our kids on a plane? *shivers*

    I'm sorry your mom will not be there. At least you got baby shifley to hang on to. And now I've teared up. Do you see what becoming a parent does to a woman? Does your wife do this? I cry at the tip of a hat now, gah!

    TWO WEEKS?? What am I going to do next Tuesday *lost*

    Hahahaha his facial expression is cute in that last photo. Well at least I thought saw. My 5yo daughter didn't think so:

    "He's not happy."
    "Yes he is."
    "No momma. He does not look happy."
    "He's just trying to figure out why his daddy takes so many pictures of him. It's a cute face. Trust me, he's happy."
    "If you say so." Walks away.

    Enjoy the vaca!

  2. Child abuse!

    Buy that boy a Saints bib.

  3. Hey Crystal. We love Bones too but we just started watching when Mrs. Shife was prego and we still have not caught up yet to the current episodes. We are trying. And yes I find myself definitely more emotional as a parent. The funny thing about Baby Shife is he smiles so much and giggles all the time but once we break out the camera he just gets mesmerized by the shiny electronic device. But rest assured you can tell your daughter that he was happy. He is a pretty happy baby most of the time except when he has to take his naps then he gets a little grumpy. Thanks for your comment. Take care.

  4. I know it Travis. I think the Cardinals peaked last year and now suffering from a Super Bowl hangover. Your Saints are looking good though.

  5. Der's dat handsome behbeh-man! Thanks always for sharing cute pics of baby Shife. Him sweet.

    Speaking of 'LOST', I got over that show a long time back but Husband and I have been watching "Fringe". That's pretty cool. And weird. With hints of vague.

  6. I want to check out Modern Family as the promos looked so interesting. I never find TV shows, it's terrible.

    My dogs love it when the grandbabies come over, they drop bits and bites all over the floor, so they are bonded, dog and baby. My oldest dog guards the babies when they are asleep, I know he's protecting the source of all things gooey and good.

    I am crazy about my five kids, and now I have five grandchildren, (started happening fast), and no words express my love for them. It's CRAZY. My heart is so HUGE now. I can't believe it.

  7. I got choked up last night when all the Angels went over and patted Aderhart's picture on the outfield wall.

    I'm going to email you and ask for your address. Have I got a bib for baby Shife!

  8. Adenhart's. Sheesh.

  9. Hey Red. I almost gave up on Lost too but it bounced back pretty strong. And I would watch Fringe if they dumped Joshua Jackson. I just don't like the dude as an actor.

  10. I'm not a TV buff and I don't follow games so it's hard to comment when I don't know anything about stuff. But I love dogs and kids so the weekly photos are right up my street. I love that child of yours. He gets better looking every time I see him. Swoon! Heehee now you're chasing after him life should be fun. Have a brilliant time away.

  11. Hello Elizabeth. Yep I never thought I could love as something as much as I love that little baby boy. And if you get a chance check out Modern Family. It is on Wednesdays and I think you can watch the pilot online.

  12. Ya'll are BONES fan! OMG, you guys just went up on the list! I'm obsessed, seriously. It's bad. It is so bad that I seek out the episodes on Thursday mornings and watch it early (they air in canada a day early)! Shhhhhhhhh!

    My kids never, ever, ever do what I want them to do when I break out the video recorder or camera. I think its digitally programed into their brains before birth.

  13. Hi Megan. There was a great story about the Angels and Adenhart in Sports Illustrated a few weeks ago. It might be online. I am happy for them but it was such a tragedy that Adenhart died so tragically and so young. And Baby Shife would always welcome another bib.

  14. Thanks Val for your comments about my sweet little angel. I hope we have a good trip as well and hopefully it will produce some more good photos of the little man. Take care.

  15. I neither watch television nor baseball, but I am a sucker for dogs and kids, so there you go. Plus you are the only blogger I "know" in Idaho so...have a good safe trip, I hope the baby loves the game in real life!

  16. Baby Shife and the Fat Bassett are two of the cutest things in the world...

  17. First off, I must agree with the statement above me... fat basset and Baby Shife are 2 of the cutest things in the world. They brighten mine every week.

    It's been 11 years for me and I still have times where the absence of my mom just hits me. Sometimes love runs really deep.

    One of my little ones was into football. When someone would get tackled he would jump around yelling "All fall down!" He never got into football, but he's still a soccer playing maniac at age 32.

    Have fun on vacation... all of you. Who cares for Quincy?

    Oh... I have not seen Modern Family but will give it a go now on your recomendation. I was a huge Arrested Development fan... we are currently re-watching them all in a marathon. Really liked Flashforward. I agree about Fringe... can't take that guy seriously.

  18. i miss summer already.

    great that baby shifley and quincy are pals. all kids should grow up with dogs.

  19. I love the fall too...makes me wanna bake...I don't bake... :) I want cinnamony goodness with apples..I'll buy though.

    Sorry about your mom not being there Shife. I lost my mom when I was 7 and as you go through big milestones in life and as Baby Shife grows up, you will find that you will miss her more and more.

    Have fun on vacation and thanks for being patient with me and my blog...just going through a patch that I am working through.

  20. dood, he's beginning to look SMART

  21. I loved Modern Family.
    Have a great trip!!
    I also liked Castle--started watching it last season.

  22. wow. 6 months already :) let's hope he doesn't share Captain Furry Pants' food though...enjoy your vacation!

  23. Picks are up! Thanks for playing again.

    Boo Cardinals, Go Cubs! Not sure we'll ever win but hey it makes it more fun to root for the lovable losers right??

    I love flash forward at least the first episode definitely going to keep that in my rotation. I thought modern family looked good in previews but forgot to watch it d'oh!

    Have a safe trip!

  24. I like Bones and Flashforward looks like it could be pretty good too.
    Some people think that everything happened all at once and time is just an illusion. I guess "So what?"
    if you're stuck in the illusion.

    I think baseball must be in Baby Shife's genes.

  25. if you love baseball, odds on he'll love baseball!

    i hope you have a wonderful time

  26. Baby Shife is one cool dude.

  27. The little one is growing up fast. Soon he'll be playing LB for your Vandals.

    I've heard nothing but good things for Modern Family so far. I'll have to give it a spin. Well, that is if I can find a sec to fit it into my already expanding TV/hulu rotation.

  28. Hello, Mr Shife! Happy I stopped by today so I could catch-up. Even here in Phoenix, we've had to dig out our pants.

    Baby Shife is certainly growing and he's absolutely darling! Glad to hear he's a Cardinals fan too.

  29. It kind of looks like Baby Shife is looking out the window of his limousine with baseball players and shit looking at him. Shife on, Shifey.

  30. Hope you're having a great time with the family! I'm so NOT looking forward to winter. BLAH!


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