Labor Day Weekend

Sorry it has taken me a little longer than usual to get my weekly update posted but I have been busy putting away my white thongs for the season. I don't want to get busted by the fashion police.
So how was your long weekend? Mine was pretty good. Thanks for asking.
The Shifley family heading north for a football game and to visit family. All in all the little man was good, and the baby boy wasn't too bad either. And the mud butt fairy only visited Baby Shife once during the car ride so that was nice.
The highlight of our weekend was taking Baby Shife to his first college football game. I admit I was a little nervous seeing how he would handle being surrounded by 23,000 screaming football fans. But, and I might be a tad biased, he did awesome.
However don't take my word for it. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I will let you see how much fun he had, and plus I think my fingers might get a little tired if I had to type a thousand words.

Spending some quality time with his cousin

He might be cheering or filling up his diaper
Thumbs always taste better after you have been tailgating

Happy that the Cougars scored a touchdown or he might have spotted a cheerleader

I think he spotted the beer vendor

Game over

I hope everyone had a great weekend and the short week is kind and swift to you. Baby Shife needs to get plenty of rest because next weekend he will be going to a Major League Soccer game in Salt Lake City.
Take care and see you in 7 days.


Red said…
Sweet little Tailgating Baby Shife. Aww. Dem behbehs is sweet.
Kori said…
I am sure he was filling his diaper, because really, who actually WATCHES the game? :) Glad you all had such a sweet time.
Ananda girl said…
Hey Shife! Great photos and great story too. You can't go wrong with Baby Shife as the hero. He did look like he was having a ball.

Have fun at the soccer game... some envy heading your way from over here at that. ;-)
Megan said…
Looks like it was nowhere near as hot at your football game. We sweated our you-know-whats off here. Every time the blimp circled around and blocked out the sun for 5 seconds, people cheered like crazy!

Well, anyway, welcome to the world of football, Baby Shife. Glad you liked it.
angel, jr. said…
Yup, he's going to be a sports fan!! And the pictures said it all, take him back to the next game!!
Crystal Posey said…
Awesome photos. Please, please never stop blogging.
Baby Shife does seem to be really into the experience.
Ms. Moon said…
Thank you for so many pictures of Baby Shife. You know I just eat them up. The way I'd eat his toes if I could get to them.
just bob said…
Can you adopt me? I want to go to a football game.
Limon Partido said…
Way to go Shife!! As we would say down here in Georgia...You are raising that boy up right! he look like he had a fabulous time!!!
billy pilgrim said…
excellent plan with the soccer. get him exposed to the game so he can enjoy the world cup next year.
Valerie said…
How to make friends and influence people ... take baby Shife. He gets more adorable every time I see his cute face on my screen.
The Egg said…
These pics made my day! What a happy baby!!!
Phats said…
When's his first Vandal game???

That's awesome gotta start em young! I had a great labor day wkend, and the Boilers won
He likes soccer? I'm canceling that play date.