Rational Thoughts in an Irrational World??

  • As germaphobic as our society has become it amazes me that people will not think twice about sticking a ketchup package in their mouth to tear it open. I shudder at the thought of how many times that package has been handled before it makes its my way. And isn't it about time the ketchup package evolved? Is there a secret ketchup package conspiracy we are unaware of that does not allow the manufacturing of a new type of ketchup container?
  • I have an upright vacuum cleaner. It sucks and it does a good job of sucking. But I don't understand why I have a headlight on my upright vacuum cleaner. I don't vacuum in the dark or in a wall-to-wall community carpet arena where other people are also vacuuming and the headlight could help keep me safe from a vacuum collision. Having a headlight on the vacuum makes about as much sense as having a headlight on your iron. I am not going to iron in the dark either. I just don't get it.
  • I find it disturbing that journalists are using Twitter updates as reliable news sources. I find it really sad too.
  • I know the health care debate has numerous issues but one way to keep the costs down is if we had better eating habits and took better care of ourselves. The fast food nation and the super sizing of kids and adults is starting to get a little scary.

  • Has anyone been completely satisfied with a premium car wash? The ones where they wash, vacuum, clean the interior, etc. I always feel like I am not getting my money's worth when I get one.
  • Every other day it seems like Yahoo has something on their home page telling us what jobs are going to be in demand in the next few years. Well I don't know about the next few years but in about 2 decades I think the tattoo removal business is going to be huge. I just think a lot of folks are going to regret the arm sleeves and the neck tattoo when they hit their 40s.
  • And I better get to picture time of Baby Shifley before I lose all my readers with my negativity. The first one is the little man dreaming about touchdowns I guess. He slept like this for about 5 minutes. I guess he is looking forward to the football season too. And the next one is him sitting in Mrs. Shife's arms looking like he is saying a little prayer. I am not sure what he is praying for but maybe it is for a ride on the fat basset.

  • Have a great 7 days and my tip of the week is don't fry bacon in the nude.


  1. Damn it, why didn't I read your tip BEFORE I cooked breakfast this morning?

  2. I was actually enjoying the "negativity". I could turn my blog into observations all like that.
    That boy is still adorable.

  3. When I was a kid, my dad used to open the ketchup packet and dip the fry right into the packet. A little trick for eating on the go...but a dirty trick indeed!

    Yea, twitter...I use it to keep in touch with mom-in-law. If she didn't use it, I probably wouldn't either. Companies seem to think it's the way to go for communication. I think that is sad too.

    Cute pic of the little man :)

  4. I can state with absolute certainty that I have never put a ketchup package in my mouth.


    Hi baby Shife! Hey! Wake up! I'm talkin' to you!

  5. This is a great post. The sleeping pics of "Little Man" are wonderful. Oh and I am thrilled he liked hearing the book.

  6. A few years ago we had a student who was so large in kindergarten that I could not pick her up to set her on a swing. I could pick up my husband... just to give you perspective. She is now a mountain of lonely, angry adult.

    But at the same time... how does this make any sense... insurance will not pay for weight loss care. They say it's not successful... like people with asthma are successful at getting rid of that? That's a crock... it's not about success at getting healthy, it's about money. It's cheaper for them if you drop dead of a heart attack. Okay... end of rant.

    My mom was thrilled when the headlights came out on vacuums. It's for seeing the crud under the edge of the sofa or tables... so you don't suck pennies and marbles and break your impeller.

  7. Those ketchup packets are useless. You need about ten just for a small order of fries. Ridiculous!
    I'll tell you what's not ridiculous- that baby. Oh my. That beautiful boy.

  8. Heehee two things:
    Don't you have little snips in the ketchup packet that tear easily by using two fingers (not those two)?
    I don't want to brag but we have plastic bottles here... grins.

    Second thing: the light on the vacuum cleaner is in case you need to vac a dark cupboard, that's if it's powerful enough and you have a dark cupboard.

    I had to plough through your negativity to reach what I really came for... my weekly baby fix. He's so totally cute I could spoil him rotten. Have a good rest of the week.

  9. I ALWAYS feel gypped when coming back from the full service car wash. They totally miss spots and leave my hubcaps with pieces of dirt that for the money paid, should be obliterated.

    Baby Shife is praying that you don't drop another brown fog on him during his next feeding.

  10. I've been full time raising my step son since he was seven years old. He, like his dad, is tall and easy to gain weight. My husband struggles with this because, as great as his mother was (really, I couldn't have asked for a better mother in law), she did not teach him good eating habits. When I actually started watching how much my step son ate and limiting it appropriately his mom went ballistic, because I was apparently starving him. He is currently half the size his dad was at his age, in the right range of weight for his height.

    Also, this has officially become my second most favorite blog.

  11. Oh man, that picture of the fat little girl lying down in the stroller eating an ice cream cone is so disturbing on so many levels, (her mother should be locked up for abuse!), the pics of the little guy, on the other hand, are marvelous.

  12. What? I'm here. Your comment page is a freakin' hoot. I agree with everyone!!! And that damn kid is too cute. Knock it off.


  13. And of course the Wee One is praying for breast milk. You nutty?

  14. you bring up several excellent points. our eating habits are atrocious. unfortunately it's cheaper to eat junk than healthy food.

    the headlight on my vacuum burnt out long ago. i have a lot in common with my old kirby.

    i looks like baby shife is eating healthy.

  15. Finally! Found you by way of Suzanne...the Crip. (Creative, Really Intelligent Person) ;)
    1. Your kid is beautiful. Kind of looks like mine! I'll have to read back more here - love the kid though - gorgeous...sameish age (?)- mine - 4 mos.
    2. So I guess you wouldn't like that I get extra "Fire" sauces at Taco Bell - just so I can tear 'em open with my mouth when I am driving and suck 'em down...like a Pixie Stix! Yum! Delish! I think the peppers kill any germs. You should do the same...sushi and alcohol, ketchup packets and beer. There now. You are fine.

  16. Ouch..frying that way!!

    Yeah, I'm not too keen on ketchup packets or condiments from any public place for that matter.

    Baby Shife is praying that the Mountaineers will have a winning season this year!

  17. "And isn't it about time the ketchup package evolved?"

    It has evolved. At the Little Chef restaurant in Chippenham, the ketchup sachets have been replaced by squeezy plastic bottles. Given, they are far more convenient, albeit somewhat messier. But that's not the point. The point is that Little Chef sucks and so does your face.

  18. Shife...almost my favorite post on your blog...the ketchup packet thing? ew!! The clothes on while frying bacon? yes! The pic of the super hefty little girl in a stroller...outrageous. The picture of Baby Shife...gorgeous! Truly....


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