Thanks Red

The title of the post makes me feel like I am repeating dialogue from one of the "Hellboy" movies. But instead thanks goes to blogging buddy Red for tagging me and asking me to share 10 things honest things about myself ... so here it goes:
  1. Besides waking up and saying "I can't believe I am XX years old today" there are two other things I do on my birthday. I watch "The Big Lebowski" and I call one of my best friends from college because we share the same birthday.
  2. I love sports, and I pretty much have a favorite team in most of the leagues but there are 4 teams that I absolutely follow passionately. The St. Louis Cardinals in baseball, the Arizona Cardinals in football, the North Carolina Tar Heels in college basketball, and the University of Idaho Vandals in college football.
  3. My favorite word is crestfallen followed closely by sullied.
  4. I have grown up with basset hounds, but Quincy the fat basset and the basset previous to that, Higgins, are my true basset loves. Those two dogs will always have a special place in my heart. We will get another dog someday and it will be a basset but I think it will be more for my little man if he wants a dog. And I will love this dog as well but Captain Furry Pants and Higgins came along during really great parts of my life. By the way, Quincy is fine so I hope I don't sound like I am saying he is taking a dirt nap soon.
  5. My nickname is Shife based off of my last name. Anyway it is also featured in a rap song because "Being Shife" is being hardcore. The name of the song is "Lookin' Shife" by Pimp Squad Click.
  6. I am about 95% deaf in my left ear. Born that way.
  7. My favorite quote: "A crowded elevator smells different to a midget." I like it because it is funny but it is also more than just a silly phrase. Sometimes we lose track of what we don't have instead of what we do have, and your life is about your view, your perspective.
  8. My favorite food is pizza, and the best place I ever, ever, and I mean ever had pizza was at Giordano's in Chicago.
  9. I have hitchhiked 3 times in my life. The most adventurous was going from Kellogg, Idaho to the Canadian border. A buddy and me left the bar at closing time and decided we wanted to go to Canada. So we hopped a fence and stuck out our thumbs and made it to the border about 16 hours later. We ended up getting 4 rides to make it there, and the sad thing is once we got to the border they would not let us in. That is an even longer story.
  10. The best place I ever saw a concert was at the Gorge in George, Washington. Metallica played and it was freakin' awesome. Metallica is great but the setting is what really made this concert awesome. If you ever get a chance to go to the Gorge in George do not hesitate. Do it.
  11. Oh and a bonus one because I have to eat my words on something. I have bashed Twitter here numerous times but I finally signed up and must admit it is not as bad as I thought. I enjoy some aspects of it so I will continue to tweet for the time being. Here is my info if you tweet as well,
And here is your weekly Baby Shife fix:


Red said… of my faves although "Golden Army" was quite a let down. The first was much better, darker. Thanks for playing Shife. You're answers are some of the more interesting ones to date. Hitchhiked to Canada and they wouldn't let you in, eh? Tsk,tsk. Their loss. In my non-married years I would pull a stunt like that but now I am living in domestic bliss ;-)
unokhan said…
best shifeling pic yet
Travis Erwin said…
Crestfallen? Really?

That surprises me.
Valerie said…
I have a deaf ear too. But vision is good and I use that to drool over baby Shife.
Red said…
P.S. I'm totally following you on twitter now. Woot.
Ms. Moon said…
Thanks for all the words but really? I just read them to get to THAT PICTURE!
Not really. But sort of. That baby just keeps getting cuter which seems impossible but there you go.
Ananda girl said…
I simply cannot look at the boy without re-falling in love with him. Baby Shife is that darling! Thanks for sharing him.

I like your word choices. I like "smarmy" and "putrid". They're just fun to say and even sound like their meanings. You're forced to make a face to match as you spit them out.

Fun list. Now we know things. Boy did Canada fall down on that one! I hope you tell the story one of these posts.
dmarks said…
Every time I turn on Hellboy II on TV, they are in the troll ghetto running around. It looks like a cross between Harry Potter's Diagon Alley and Dinohattan from "Super Mario Bros". I am guessing the whole movie takes place there.
Megan said…
Good to know you are safely in the Duke-hating camp with me.
Crystal Posey said…
I think you need some new favorite words!

-the new old pal
Clover said…
Hmmm. You learn something new every day! I did hear that rap song the other day and think of you though...

That babyboy is pretty darn cute!!
billy pilgrim said…
i was thinking the elevator might smell different to a midget.
Anonymous said…
My husband loves Hellboy too. By the way, "The Big Lebowski" is one of the best movies ever made.

Thanks for the baby Shife fix. What a little cutie pie!
Suzanne said…
Look at that little pumpkin!!! Precious.

Now to the nitty gritty:

Sports teams. NE Patriots, Boston Red Sox, Bruins, CAL Bears, UCLA Bruins. Hummmmmmmmmmmm.

About Fat basset. You literally scared the hell out of me. I though he died and I didn't know. Thank you for the wake-up call. Not appreciated. However, despite my pissed-off-ness, I will say, your love of animals is music to my heart. And you know that's the God's honest truth. Thank you so much for loving animals.

I will try to look at an elevator from a midget's view point. Are you listening to me? *Jeasus Christ, I don't think he hears a single word I say.*


Suzanne said…
Oh, just so you know, Comcast alerted me today about the first signs of a liar. One was whites above the eyes. Hummmmmmm. Your son is looking guilty. What? I'm an artist, you think I don't notice shit? He's trouble. Trouble I tell you.

Mr. Shife said…
Yes Suzanne I am listening to you. I always do. You are one smart lady so I would be dumb if I did not and please let me know what you find out about the elevator from a midget's vantage point. And my baby is no trouble at all. The only things he is guilty of are being so darn handsome and stealing my heart.
Mr. Shife said…
I am a moron. Just in case you were still on the fence. I screwed up my favorite quote in my list of 10 honest things. It is fixed now and probably makes a lot more sense to people. Instead of "An elevator smells different to a midget" it should be "A crowded elevator smells different to a midget." Much better, huh?
Jon said…
I am refusing to give in to Twitter. Absolutely refusing. I do, however, read a few "tweets" here and there. (Although I can never forgive myself for just writing "Tweets").
Cece said…
Another beautiful pic of baby Shife. . Oh and I think people wonder about me all the time. I love the color purple, so I'm keeping that hair color open as an option.
texlahoma said…
Loved the midget quote, makes you think. I think that's the best baby shife pic yet.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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angel, jr. said…
That is an awesome picture of Baby Shife!!
And yah, yah, it was nice getting to know you through your honest answers.
But wow, he's growing up to be such a good looking kid!!
Limon Partido said…
Shife...Love your midget quote and laughed out loud...I think that's my favorite picture of your son yet.....