Life as I know it

I will be the first to admit this blog needs to get its sexy back.
But right now I am happy if I brush my teeth before noon so I guess I am not setting the bar too high.
I think some of you may be disappointed that this has turned into nothing but updates about my new baby boy or the rookie mistakes I am making as a Dad. But honestly this is all that is going on in my life right now. Well there are some other things like I needed to do some manscaping in the swimsuit area.
Talk about pubes gone wild.
Anyway I passed on the Guyzillian and got a Hasidic cut in the swim suit area. You know they cut off all the hair in the middle and just leave the curlies on the outside.
I also picked up a nice souvenir at my last softball game.
Did you ever wonder what kind of bruise a softball traveling over 100 miles per hour will leave on a man's league? Well your wait is over because this is what it looks like:

Anyway as my son and I better adjust to our new roles I do anticipate one day talking again about interesting topics such as :
So I appreciate your patience and support as this Rookie Dad tries to get back on track. And here is the weekly picture of Baby Shifley. The little man heard a lot of hair metal and butt rock when he was in the womb and evidently he must of liked it because he heard a song by Poison and got a little excited. Yep he is making the little rocker hand. The kid is going to be sporting a mullet by 3.

P.S. I almost forgot to include this very funny video from a blogging buddy,, enjoy.


  1. man, I don't know what's cuter - the rockin' baby or the fat basset! :-)

    the bruise - wow, that had to hurt

  2. Yikes to the ugly bruise. Yikes to the mental pictures you've gotten stuck in my head! Yikes to your links!

    Baby and Q get cuter each time I see them. Gald they are in here.

    You scare me, make me laugh and provide sweeties. Gosh I like coming here Shife. Nice you're back.

  3. Cute, cute, cute and more cute and then he gets cuter.
    Stop the madness.

  4. Thanks for the update on your crotch grooming habits. Geez! lol.
    Rock on baby Shifley!

  5. Inquiring minds were wandering...

  6. I'm down with weekly baby pictures.

    I got a bruise like that from a paintball one time. But it was of course much smaller in diameter.

    Don't you talk to me about the swimsuit area. You have no idea how bad it is over here.

  7. You are totally in full form, Shife. The bassett and the baby are awesome, and you also included the Hasidic cut, the bruise, the links to the Penis Monologues--

    this was a laugh out loud post.

  8. man o man, he's growing like crazy.

    you must be doing an excellent job in the nutrition department.

  9. Yeah, Butt rock. That's my kind of baby. Actually, we eat up rookie dad stories. So keep em coming. Put some ice on that bruise and watch it for cellulitis. I'm serious.

  10. Ouch! I haven't seen a bruise like that in years! Since, well, I played softball.

  11. That's one helluva strawberry. Ouch.

  12. I had a bruise like that in years. Thank you very much "Jon." You know what? It hurts, doesn't it? No really, it hurts. And you know what else? It's ugly. You know what else? I still have a red mark. You probably will too. Good luck.

    Wee-Wee's gorgeous! So's Basset! Love them both, but mostly love Cece for referring to "rookie daddy stories." Honey, you know that's just damn funny!!! You keep um commin' and we'll keep laughin'.

    Of course I love you.

  13. Owwweeee! That bruise is vicious... your crotch grooming habits are fabulous...but that baby is just pure gorgeousness...We love the rookie daddy stories... :)

  14. Ouch!! Bruise! Pain!

  15. Why T F do they call it a softball?

  16. ha, yes! Rock on Baby Shife! :)

  17. Shife i love your posts about your kid, he and the other kid(quincy) are both so cute.

    That bruise is badass! I bet that hurt like a bitch. Never been a softball player

  18. That looks so painful!!!!! Ugh!!!!!!!!!!

    I got a little queezy.

    I'm proud of you for grooming your son to be a Mullet Man.

  19. Week's almost up! :)

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