Is that your final answer?

So I was debating with Baby Shife what kind of tiger we should sit on for our topless photo shoot for the Siegfried and Roy Father/Son Calendar when I had a thought.
Or I might have been just putting away some dishes.
Anyway my mind was wondering about collect calls.
When is the last time you got one?
I imagine these days they are very rare unless you know someone incarcerated and then you probably don't want to tell me the last time you got a collect call.
I thought if we were living in a land where collect calls where more frequent under what circumstances would you not accept one?
But to make it more interesting I figured there needs to be a twist to this so your answer must include the title of a Def Leppard song.
For me it would be: I could not accept your collect call because I was in the middle of having someone "Pour Some Sugar on Me."

And from the pages of the Rookie Dad journal:
I don't know if this falls in the lazy or pathetic category or maybe it is a combination of both. It is early morning and Quincy just finished eating his breakfast. He is lying on the couch next to me as I am giving Baby Shife his bottle. The feeding was going good so I don't want any interruptions because sometimes if he is distracted it is a pain in Papa Smurf's butt to get him going again on the bottle. So we are on the couch when the fat basset unloads his breakfast all over the couch. It is pretty disgusting watching your dog puke right in front of you.
I am conflicted.
Do I stop feeding Baby Shife and clean up the mess or do I just wait until the baby is done feeding and tolerate the canine chunks all over the couch?
Well as it turns out Quincy decided to help me with my dilemma and proceeded to eat his puke. So quick recap. Quincy, Baby Shife, and I are on the couch. I am feeding Baby Shife. Captain Furry Pants vomits. Mr. Shife doesn't know what to do. Fat Basset takes one for the team and eats the puke. Baby Shife finishes off his bottle. A win-win for Mr. Shife.

And here is your weekly Baby Shifley photo:


Red said…
I cannot accept your collect call as the sound of your voice is "Bringin' on the Heartbreak". And Baby Boy is on the fast track to handsome little man.
Red said…
And pee es: Quincy was testing your reflexes. You passed.
Ananda girl said…
I couldn't accept that call because I was too Excitable!

Love the photo!

You did the exact right thing... let Q and the universe take care of it. Baby Shife comes first. Good dad! Oh and good dog! Give him a good stritch for me please. Find that foot kicking spot. ;)
Leah said…
I haven't gotten a collect call in more than a decade! Now we have to start being nostalgic for them...

The Quincy maneuver? I always used to wait two minutes to see whether Pippin would perform that helpful cleanup. More often than not, he would.
Ms. Moon said…
Good Dog!
And the baby only gets cuter. Can I just nibble part of his neck? I won't actually bite it. I promise.
Ms. Moon said…
Good Dog!
And the baby only gets cuter. Can I just nibble part of his neck? I won't actually bite it. I promise.
Valerie said…
Good job there was no collect call in the middle of that lot ... you had enough on your mind. Baby is adorable.
billy pilgrim said…
so quincy blew chunks, reminds me of a joke from the man show.

did you give quince a breath mint after his clean up?
Travis Erwin said…
The Rookie Dad Journal would make a great non fiction title.
Megan said…
I could not accept your call because no! no! no! foolin' - me and my wine are busy. We'd rather run riot than talk to you right now, you animal.

Cheers to the Fat Bassett for the stepping up to the plate. Er, couch. Speaking of which, how's the bruise doing?
Suzanne said…
What a collection of friends you have. Pathetric.

NO, Fat Basset shouldn't have been responsible for "cleaning up." You should. I don't care what any of them say. He was sick. He shouldn't have eaten what made him sick. That's sick. And if I drive through Utah and visit, I'm not sitting on your sofa. NO, I'M NOT KIDDING. Take the bottle out of "Wee One's" mouth, make him comfy and clean the mess. Jeasus Christ. Am I the only one thinking in this lazy bunch. I've concluded the next year isn't going to be easy. *Suze finds a roll of paper towels and take Lazy Bassit for a slow walk, with bottled water. Jeasus Christ.
Suzanne said…
Oh, forgot in my rant. He's ADORABLE!!!

Suzanne said…
I see the playpen and the dog bed next to one another. I'm an artist, yes I notice stuff! That's too precious.

Love you.
tina said…
Oh man. That is the funniest and one of the grossest things I've heard in a while! haha that is too much. I'm surprised you withheld your chunks as well.

And you managed to take a pic of bebe at same time? hehe :)
Rocky (Racquel) said…
Sorry I can't take your call, but I'm in the throes of Pyromania and the phone's about to melt...

One more dude to go with you and the fat basset and you could make 3 men & a baby part iv!!
Rocky (Racquel) said…
ps baby = soooo freakin' cute!!!
Jon said…
It's a very good thing I'm having a kid, because the adorable pictures of Baby Shife would make me want to have one.
Phats said…
First off Happy Father's Day!

Secondly- I can't remember the last time I got a collect call, it's got to be at least 5 years.

Third- Dog puke agree it's seriously disgusting, I don't have a kid but I probably would have stopped feeding, because when my dog throws up, I seriously almost throw up cleaning it. Dogs eating puke is pretty nasty, but at least he cleaned it ha
You gotta love that about dogs: anything that hits the floor is exciting to eat because they can.
TOPolk said…
I don't remember the last time I received a collect call, but I seriously contemplated calling my broker collect one day. He sent me an email telling me to call him ASAP, I lost my phone, and I didn't have any change to make a call at the payphone. I hunted around until I found $1.00 in coins... I couldn't handle that embarassment.

Quincy's a good dog. That's how you make everyone's life easy.

Also, Happy Father's Day. I'm a lil late (well, for my time zone) but I hope you had a good one nonetheless.
Big Mama said…
Oh no! I almost forgot you!!! HAPPY FATHERS DAY! Sorry I'm late and I hope it was awesome.
texlahoma said…
Somebody use to be so cheap, back before cell phones, they would call collect in code.
"Will you accept a collect call from Maidith Ithome?"
Limon Partido said…
Hysterical Shife...I was on vacation with no internet access and I come back to a post that makes me laugh out loud, tickle my tummy and Awwww over that gorgeous son of yours~~
Anonymous said…
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