Sweet sassy molassey

I know some of you may not care that much but about football but something has happened that I have waited my whole life for. Literally I have waited my whole life for this.
The Arizona Cardinals are in the NFC Championship game.
The Cardinals have never been to the NFC Championship game.
Never. Ever.
If you look up synonyms of ineptitude it will say Arizona Cardinals.
I have been a fan of this dysfunctional franchise since I was born. I didn't have much of a choice. I was born in St. Louis and Mom threw me in a pair of Cardinal pajamas and the rest they say is history.
This team has broke my heart and boiled my blood more times than I care to remember.
Every now and then they have a good year but for the most part they stink.
Before this year they had not hosted a playoff game since 1947. The last time they were in the playoffs was in 1998, and before that they made the playoffs in 1982 when they still called St. Louis home.
I always joked that the only time the Cardinals are good is when I play them on Playstation or when I watch "Jerry Maguire."
So my team has made me very happy. If this is a dream please do not wake me and if some how they make it to the Super Bowl the drinks are on me.


angel, jr. said…
Yay for you!! I'll cheer them on, just cause you said so!!
just bob said…
Good luck next weekend. They looked impressive against Carolina last night.
Penelope said…
Go Cardinals!!! I wish I could say the same for the Texans.

Ms. Moon said…
I keep asking my husband when the Super Bowl is.
Because I want to watch the Springsteen half time.
I would hate to miss that.
Otherwise- well, y'all enjoy.
TOPolk said…
Not to rain on your love fest here, but that game last night made me all types of upset. I could deal with Delhomme's 5 interceptions if FOUR of them weren't thrown directly to guys in Red and White. *grumble*

The only thing that makes me feel better about my Panthers losing is the fact that the Giants are sitting on the couch beside me. Go EAGLES!
catscratch said…
See... all good things are worth the wait!!!

Good luck with any bets placed!
Tina said…
yea Jerry McGuire was my first thought here hehe - good luck!
Megan said…
Larry Fitzgerald is smokin' hot. In more ways than one!
Phats said…
I am rooting for them shife! Here's to hoping they pull it off, everyone loves the underdog
Jon said…
I've been a Cubs/Indians fan my whole life. Believe me, I know ineptitude.
The Duck said…
I was rooting for them against Carolina, and I was pissed on your behalf that they weren't getting any credit for shutting Carolina down. Sure, Delhomme had a bad game, but everyone announcing the game and during halftime made it seem like the Cardinals had nothing to do with that. I hate that.

It was the same way when Seattle shut Carolina down in the 2006 NFC Championship game. It was really just like watching that game again, which was great.

Anyway, congrats on getting the NFC championship at home too, that'll be great. I'll be rooting for them again.

Oh, and you may be pleased to know that the day of the game I was out and about around these parts, and there was a guy completely decked out in Cardinals stuff (James jersey, hat, etc.). I was surprised.
What are you going to do if they go all the way ? I mean I knew TB Buc fans who just didn't know how to handle the Super Bowl win because being losers is part of what made the Bucs lovable back in the day. Are you sure you can handle them winning it all ?
cher said…
Now just take the excitement you feel about this football dealio and multiply it by unconditional love and you might, just might, have a glimpse of how much you will love your baby.

Suck a muffler may not keep the riff raff away. Even when you are trying to be rude you're adorable.
billy pilgrim said…
a pox on the house of those nogoodnik eagles!
BBC said…
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BBC said…
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Summer and Chad said…
Well bro since my Cowboys have 5 super bowls. I guess its finally your turn Go Cards
just bob said…

Congrats and good luck in Tampa!
swedishnurse said…
The Cards are going to the Superbowl!! How excited are you?