Random Acts of Shifeness

  • Is it OK or just creepy if you are 40 and still want to sleep with the moms of your high school friends?
  • Besides the traditional meaning, which alternative definition of rebound pussy do you like?
    A cat you bring home after your first cat dies or a basketball player who is afraid to go into the paint to get a rebound.
  • It has been a week and America still has that new President smell. It sure is nice.
  • I miss Grissom on "CSI."I know it has only been one show and I need to give "CSI" some time to find its way with Laurence Fishburne but I am not feeling it yet.
  • Totally loved the premiere of "Lost." Glad to have that show back on the idiot box. Also happy that "Burn Notice" is back.
  • "Slumdog Millionaire" gets a big thumbs-up from Mr. Shife. I only had one problem - and if you have seen the movie then you know what I am talking about - and it involved eating chocolate at a time during the movie when eating chocolate or let alone eating anything else is that appealing.


padraig said…
(a) "wanting to sleep with your high school friends' mom"'s creepiness is independent of your age or theirs.

(b) definitely the basketball player. I'm totally using that.
billy pilgrim said…
pussies are like rubber biscuits.

if they don't bounce back, you go hungry.
Queen Goob said…
....i was typing something SOOO unappropriate and as a "mom" had to delete.





And to answer your pussy question? It's Grissom He is such a pussy! Sarah? Really? And not Catherine? eewwwww!
Queen Goob said…
...nice grammar, huh?
Travis Erwin said…
Depends on the mom and I go with the basketball analogy, but thanks for making me laugh.
cher said…
Grissom is gone? that settles it. I'm never getting TV.
Never heard of Slumdog Millionaire, however, it is making me rethink the whole no TV idea.

And as far as the whole MILF thing after 40 goes, lets face it... A woman can have a baby pretty early in life. I mean what's say 12 or 13 years older when the lights are off anyway?

Oh wait... I think Slumdog Millionaire is a movie.

Yup, looking back, you have typed it quite clearly. Its a movie. I guess I was kinda LOST.

angel, jr. said…
This was some good laughter!
Megan said…
I'm happy about LOST being back, too. And maddened and frustrated and and and...

I love my President. Didja see that interview today? God, the man can talk in PARAGRAPHS!
Me-Me King said…
I dunno. Is it creepy to be 50 and want to sleep with your high school friends' sons?
Phats said…
hmm, well I have been hit on by moms of my students does that count for anything?

Don't watch CSI or Lost sorry!

I want to see Slumdog Millionaires, as well as Frost Nixon
tina said…
New President smell. I love it.

I wouldn't know about the Moms. There aren't any Dad's I would go for...if that helps. haha Thanks, will watch the movie as soon as I can.

Yea, I'd go with the basketball player on that one but the cat was funny as hell!

I may stay home today. ice. dental appt. ick.
Woozie said…
Lost strikes me as a stunningly nonsensical show. Sorry, still love you in a non-sodomitic way.
Megan said…
Stupid LOST. Stupid stupid stupid wonderful crazy I HATE this show!

That is all.

Oh, wait. I love this show.