The Big Day

01/20/09 - Barack Obama becomes the 44th President of the United States.
It is a big deal. It is historically significant and magnificent on so many levels.
The days leading up to the day will feature a media blitz from all of the talking hair-dos.
Each one of them trying to bring a fresh and unique angle to the public.
Can anyone top CNN and their holograms?
All of this is fine by me because I have the power to change the station.
But what I think is going to be interesting is how the media treats Martin Luther King Day this year since it happens to fall on the day before Barack is inaugurated as President.


  1. I think it will receive more attention than normal because of the connection with Obama. That's just my guess... just bob

  2. I think it is a rather interesting and wonderful confluence of events.

  3. I think I need a pizza. It's after 3:30 pm and I haven't eaten since 5 am. What?

    Great day. Great before great day. It's all good. I'm a happy white woman!!! I am so grateful for this historic moment, and the beautiful day before. Can you believe we lived to witness this? Sometimes I can't. I never thought it would happen in my lifetime. But it did. We're all very lucky.

    Love you dear. Hope the baby is doing fine and so is your beautiful wife. Hugs to the four-legged baby!


  4. Magnificent is a good word. I agree.

    Oh, and I have MLK day off so I will be celebrating it in my own way. ;)

  5. Thanks for giving me a facebook status.

  6. Anonymous1/13/2009

    You are so right. I wrote a whole post about the "celebritization" of the President. The media are going to go insane...oh wait. That's already happened.

    Hey, when is the Big Day expected in the Shife house hold? When is the baby expected? Let's do a media blitz on that!

  7. What I wonder is how long the people who were counting down Bush's remaining days in office with a "01/20/2009" bumper sticker will keep them up?

  8. is this bigger than the cardinals winning the super bowl?

  9. I'm with billy pilgrim...go Cardinals!

  10. Interesting idea.

    And as for the "holograms," yes they are, aren't they!

  11. I am really excited for the will definitely be historic!

  12. We're watching it in class. However, with the time delay it will run during lunch, so we are going to show it the following day first period.

    It is important. We, as a country are evolving. . .


  13. Anonymous1/16/2009

    yea interesting thought on MLK day

    ha CNN holograms...that was ridiculous I thought, yet more dramatic effect when I just want the facts, bob


  14. As a fellow smoker, I just hope Obama don't raise my cig taxes


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