Happy Thanksgiving

I know it is a little premature but I thought I would go ahead and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully everyone will be enjoying the holiday with family and friends and have plenty of reasons to be thankful. I for one am very thankful even though life has thrown me some adversity this year. No need to get into that instead I just wanted to share one of my favorite Thanksgiving posts. Have a wonderful turkey day and I will talk to you next week.

A very special Thanksgiving with the Hoff

That's right, Mrs. Shife and I spent the turkey extravaganza with the one and only David Hasselhoff. It turned out to be an interesting evening and I have some photos to share with all of you.

First things first, me and my buds dressed up like pirates and attacked the Hoff. We pretend stabbed him and tried to shiver his timbers, and the Hoff played along but he wanted to play a new game.

He decided he wanted to play the underwear model game. He was the only one that was really into it and it kind of scared away everyone that had come over.

Then things got really weird. He decided he wanted to play the game with puppies. The Hoff has the ability to make cute puppier appear out of thin air.

This kind of freaked out Mrs. Shife that the Hoff was posing with puppies naked in the middle of our house. I tried to calm her down so I let the Hoff do some dancing until dinner was ready.

We finally sat down and enjoyed our traditional meal of Beef Stroganhoff. Extra hunky of course.

After our delicious culinary experience, we all got settled in the TV room to begin the Baywatch marathon (It is a tradition in our household.) After a few hours of Baywatch madness, I commented to the Hoff that his show had the greatest eye candy that the world had ever seen. The Hoff was a little put off by my remarks, and said that the show was much more than that. It was a cleverly written social commentary on the caste system in India. I about peed myself from laughing so hard. The Hoff was not amused. He threw his sparkling cider in my face. I was now not amused, and I called him a homo. The Hoff had enough and stormed out of our home. He called Gary Coleman. And a few minutes later, Gary showed up in KITT, and the two sped away.

I just laughed the whole thing off, and just figured it was the cider talking. I expected to get an apology from the Hoff the next morning. Well I got something from him, he e-mailed me the picture below.

Well, it is on Hoff. You better watch your back buddy. And was it really necessary to bring Officer Poncharello into the equation?


  1. Can't wait to see what the Hoff does for Christmas.

    Happy Thanksgiving to the House of Shife. Be sure to chew your stroganoff thoroughly!


  2. Ummmmmm, whatever they paid that puppy, it wasn't enough.

  3. Yep. That pup is traumatized for life.
    Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  4. wait until he turns the lights hoff, then the party really starts!

  5. You are deranged...and, I love it!

  6. gosh, maybe the lovely mrs hasselhoff was right when she said nasty things about him.

  7. Anonymous11/25/2008

    I can't even believe you blaspheme the Hoff...

    He's hawt!

    Happy Turkey day to you and the Mrs!!

  8. You have officially wounded me. And now I need eyeball transplants.

  9. that's just like reading The Christmas Story at Christmas time.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Shife! :)

  10. Wow, the hair...

    Now I know why some folks on angel dust do things like gouge their eyes out, or cut their cheeks off to feed the pooch.

    Oh, right. Have a good Thanksgiving!

  11. Shife, where do you get this stuff???

    Happy Thanksgiving and tell the Hoff I said hello,


  12. Anonymous11/26/2008

    haha nice idea, using an old turkey day post :) cuz if you're like me, you can forget posts you have written long ago :)

    Well, I hope you and the Mrs. have a happy and safe Thanksgiving! Let me know how your turkey turns out ;) wink


  13. This is downright nauseating.

  14. That .gif of Hoff and the pole is going to give me nightmares.


    Happy Thanksgiving either way though.

  15. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  16. I had a quite and peaceful thanksgiving and a great meal.

    Do you ever take anything serious, like 30 thousand women and children dying of starvation everyday? Is this your purpose in life, to just poke fun at it?

  17. Hey, I heard "Final Countdown" on the radio yesterday and thought of you.

    That's a little tragic, I think. . .


  18. ROFL! The Hoff is disturbing to be sure. I'd be freaking out if he were naked on my floor too. That man cannot keep his clothes on.

    Popping by to say hello from Catscratch's!

  19. haha nice post!

    Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving Shife!

  20. Gawd, I missed you....


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