The Wonderful World Wide Web

Here are some highlights I have found on the information superhighway. Please enjoy, and remember only you can prevent forest fires.
  • Any female readers from the Louisville area will be happy to know that they can receive free oral sex from this cool dude.
  • Need a computer lesson? Ask Bud. Bud looks like a classy dude. Next time I have Excel problems Bud is getting an email.
  • Ever wondered what to wear to your mug shot? Well here are some ideas.
  • The Periodic Table of Awesomeness.
  • Weird Asia News. Actually really weird Asia news. Those dudes in Hong Kong are freaky.
Have a great Tuesday.


  1. Anonymous8/26/2008

    Thank you. I feel ready to start my day now...

    BTW, did I get the right answer to your question on your last post??? I want my canned ham, dammit!!!


    *grumbles off after spending half an hour looking at links*

  3. That Louisville guy has the right idea. I personally charge $20 per, but business has been exceedingly slow as of late.

  4. Well these are tough times Duck so you might want to lower your price. Or maybe you can start humping park benches like the Asian dude and charge people to watch you.

  5. i'm steering clear of chinese benches from now on.

  6. Ole Bud needs to learn the difference between a comma and a semi-colon.

    Where on earth are you finding this stuff??? I'm still laughing...


  7. do you think Bud gives oral sex lessons? Now, if there was bacon involved, THAT would be truly awesome!


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