And the winner for

Best Olympic Name Ever is ...

Have a good weekend.


  1. That is too funny. Poor dude.

  2. Oops... maybe dudette.

  3. Damn, I'm so glad you are back. I've missed you so. I started to email you and send my condolences about your mom, but my words just fell flat on the screen. So I deleted it and didn't send it. I hope you are moving along in the healing process. Anyway, I'm glad you are back. Life here in Bloggerland just wasn't the same without your wit and humor. Ok, that's enough for now. Have a good weekend.

  4. i'm almost afraid to ask, what's her first name?

  5. Anonymous8/23/2008

    Ha, I think I saw that....

  6. Anonymous8/24/2008

    Too funny...

    Wonder how much she paid for it?

  7. And ladies and gentlemen...he is back. And back with a vengance! Damn, it is really wonderful to see you back up in here! I do expect you to come and visit me all the time know that doll!
    Welcome back! *runs over and gives Mr.Shife a big ol' hug*

    Ok now get your ass over to my place!
    Well, come by and check out my last post for the mystery trip! A bit late but better late than never I say! LOL!
    Many hugs!

  8. who's she calling a doll? dolls are creepy. especially if they are china dolls. oh, and china dolls with teeth? can it get any freakier? huh? i mean other than clowns?
    well, china clowns i guess...
    oh, that was a full body shudder


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