Thank you

I would like to thank everyone for their support and comfort during this very dark time of my life. I have never officially met any of you but I do consider all of you my friends. It makes me feel very special that you took the time to express your condolences to this dumb, white guy. It will mean more than you will ever know.

It has been two weeks now since I lost my mom, and it is still very difficult at times. I just miss her so much and there are so many things I see or do every day that remind me of her. I know time heals all wounds but this one is going to take a long time. I had a special bond with my beloved mother and she was always there for me. That void in my life will never be filled and that is what hurts the most. I am reassured to know that she is at peace now and I also know she is in a better place. But it still hurts when you were not ready to say good bye yet.

If there is one thing I could pass along to anyone who read this blog it is this: Please don’t take anything for granted. You just never know. I talked to my mom on Sunday and the next day she was gone. Life is so short and so precious that you must live every day like it is a gift. I know it is a cliché and it is definitely easier said than done. It is so simple to get wrapped up in all the bull shit that is life, but if you can, and I know you can, try really, really hard to live out your dreams and do those things that you have been putting off. Find the joy in life & enjoy the heck out of it.

Anyway this blog will be back up and running some day with more uplifting topics but right now I am just going to take some more time to mourn one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. I love you mom and thank you for giving some of the greatest gifts I will ever now.

Take care everyone and I will see you online soon.