Open your eyes

Sometimes you just see the world differently. Maybe it takes a lifetime or maybe just an hour. For me it took a week. I was driving around in Mrs. Shife’s disco sled listening to one of her CDs, a compilation disc featuring the 2007 Grammy nominees. One of the songs on there that piqued my interest was Death Cab for Cuties “I Will Follow You Into The Dark.” I have heard of Death Cab prior to this day but to say I am down with the hot new music is about as accurate as saying Paris Hilton is one of America’s brightest minds. I mean the song is over 2 years old and I am just now giving it a try. Yeah, I am definitely not down with the latest and greatest in music. Anyway, I pushed play and about 30 seconds later I was mumbling to myself those guys can suck a muffler. Well fast forward 7 days and the song came on again while I was cruising in Mrs. Shife’s hot rod and there was a seismic shift in my opinion of that song. I found it to be so beautiful, wonderful, poetic, and absolutely touching. I don’t know what it was but the song just moved me profoundly and it is one I really dig. I know I will have other eye-opening moments in my lifetime but this one just caught me off guard and I just wanted to share.


  1. Anonymous5/13/2008

    I hear you. I know. When one is numb, these things happen from time to time and with the strangest of detail......My experience of course. I am entering year 4 of just numb, auto pilate. Can you imagine me, in a normal state> a happy state? hahahaha

  2. I always hate songs before I love them. I'm weird that way.

  3. I loved it immediately. And no I didn't hear it years ago, I just heard it! I'm so far behind I'm ahead! Profound. As an artist, you know the drawing just kill me. Absolutely beautiful. And put to words, close to perfection. And love, well you know what love is, it's absolutely amazing if you have the real thing, you travel through life thinking you're the luckiest person alive.

    I love you dear friend. Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. I wrote to you there. Have a beautiful Wednesday.

    Much love,
    Suze XO

  4. I meant to say "drawings just kill me." I'm horrible at editing until after the fact, then I catch everything. Go figure.


  5. Ah...random indie music. It's what I do.

    If you dig Death Cab (leave off the "for Cutie" if you wanna sound cool) you may dig The Postal Service. It's fronted by the singer from Death Cab, but for some reason it doesn't make me want to cut myself for attention as much.

  6. It's a pretty song, and I love the sentiment. It's just not my type of thing. Of course, now that I've typed that, I'll love it tomorrow.

  7. Anonymous5/14/2008

    I love that song too. Like you, I try to be down with the new music...when I first heard that song I thought, "OMG, what beautiful lyrics and the melody is so melancholic.." Then I learned that the name of the band was "Deathcab for Cutie." WTF?! How can such a poignant song come from a band with such a stupid name? Oh I know I'm officially getting old.

    Glad your reality shifted when you heard this song...

  8. if this fake baby comes out even remotely close to the pansy you are, i just might fake my suicide.

  9. Oh Canadian please. You better hope that fake baby does not come out because if it is born in Canada then it will probably be 100% pansy.

  10. a lovely little tune.

    it sounds like you're still in the mind frame of counting your blessings and wanting to give back.

    do worry, it'll pass.

  11. huh... yeah man, not in the know either... i'll have to uh, check it out though.... is it like rythmic chanting in anyway? or gospel? yeah, i could dig me some southern gospel with like a techno reggea beat... spin some demonic grunting in there and some typewriter sounds... now we are talking music....

    *walks away bobbing head to his imaginary version of death cab for cutie popular song.*

  12. Hi..visiting via Phats temp. closed blog.
    I have no clue regarding current music. I tend to stick with my oldies like REM.
    Every now and then I'll catch a song on the radio and will love it, then wonder what else I've missed out on!
    Oh well...

  13. LMAO!
    man we are funny.
    on a more serious note, if this baby ends up with no sense of humour, i WILL kill star jones.

  14. Anonymous5/15/2008

    yea, I get the same way about music. most days I look for the song writing and meaning such as in this song...which usually has me listening to depressing songs and soundtracks.

    Then some days i look for a beat i can throw my rock horns to or a beat i can shake the booty to in the car ;)

    I saw LIVE and Gin Blossoms last nite - kicked azz.

  15. Anonymous5/15/2008

    ..thought u may be around - i just wrote another post I think u missed by 30 seconds haha

    'open your eyes' reminds me of the first few words in Vanilla Sky...weird movie but i like it

  16. I often have to give music a couple chances before I like it.

  17. I played this song for my husband about a year ago when I first heard it. I loved it instantly, my husband busted out laughing at it. For some reason he found it funny. He is such a weirdo, but I married him anyway, go figure.

  18. Their whole CD is actually pretty good. You should check it out. But that song is a very good one. Glad you finally opened your "eyes" to it!

  19. Hey, don't forget to check out Spoon while you're at it. Different type of music, but excellent nonetheless. The other gal we talked about was Brandi Carlile, just in case you forgot. She's in a whole different spectrum from Deathcab for Cutie and Spoon, but still good. Ch-ch-check it out boyeeeeeeee!

    I do apologize for that last bit there. Please don't think less of me for doing a bad flava flav impression via your blog comments.


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