It's Picture Time Again

Now this one is hard to make out but trust me on what it says. I followed this guy around trying to get a good picture of his truck. I was short on time because I had to get back to work and he kept avoiding me like he knew he was being stalked by someone looking for new material for their blog. Anyway here it is:


I know it is hard to make out but it says,
"Let's Play Corntoss/Cornhole"
??? Call Gary 208-608-8002

Well I certainly have some questions for Gary and he might be getting a call from me later tonight especially if I have a few adult beverages. Then again after a few adult beverages I might not need Gary's help if I want to play a game of cornhole.
Seriously, WTF dude? I am sure it is innocent but my perverted mind takes me to dirty places when I see someone wanting to play corntoss/cornhole with me.

Speaking of perverts. Check out these costumes. Well actually just check out the one that might be the best or worst costume ever depending on your sense of humor.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Gary probably needs a craigslist ad too. The Great Cornholio should share his mirth with everyone, not just his traffic partners.

  2. Where on Earth did you find that picture? The evil part of me is laughing so hard I could cry. The gal who has spent her entire life in the Bible belt is absolutely mortified, but she's laughing on the inside.


  3. ah jay and bob, code of the road.

    i'll bet that little urchin was hitch hiking.

  4. OH NO! OH NO! OH NO! is all I can say about the costume photo. That is so wrong. OMG So wrong. Cornhol dude must have some issues. And he was avoiding you because he thought you were a weirdo?

  5. Anonymous5/16/2008

    This post generated some serious LULZ on my my side of the monitor.

  6. Oh I am SO calling that guy. I will record it.
    I would have called him on my cell right then, told him to come out to his truck and THEN take the picture.

    I loved that costume. It was really funny

  7. Anonymous5/18/2008

    Okay, first things first. Looks like a prank, the Gary dude, ummm, Sort of like the one I had done on me last year, where I drove around with the huge bumper sticker that said I brake for Wolverines and circle slash poaching....remember that? hehe

    As for the costume's...Balls. Big, Ripe, Furry Balls.

  8. That guy needs to hang around a college town. He'd be booked solid -- especially during that dry season from Jan-July (aka "not football season").

  9. Yeah, I dig that shocking costume. Let's hear it for irreverence.

  10. Hmmmm cornhole or corntoss? Who will be doing the tossing or holing?

  11. Reckon they have league play? I'd hate to see the shirts or the sponsors.

  12. Anonymous5/19/2008

    Okay, so if "Let's Play Cornhole/Corntoss" doesn't mean what you're implying, then what the hell does it mean? Do we really want to know?

  13. Jeasus Christ. Cecile's calling my cat and can you believe Leah was studying to be a Rabbi! Good Lord, the world has gone bonkers.

    That photos is just awful. I'll never be able to erase it from my memory. But I will admit it's funny. In an awful way!

    Yes, yes, yes, the book is coming. I know I'm bad. I had that little stroke issue to deal with. I'm hoping to get it in the mail this week! Okay, maybe next week. Hell, by the time it arrives you'll have already figured out what to do with your life!


  14. "Thats photos..." That too funny.

  15. Whoops! "That photos!" Hey, it's almost 3 am, cut me some slack.

  16. Anonymous5/20/2008

    hahaha awesome - I learned about cornholing from Phats!!! haha it's a game! honestly..where is he?!

    here is a pic i had from my Indiana trip last Spring:


  17. Cornholes? I'm gonna have to look up that word. Speaking of terms, I've been learning some indecent language'd be proud!

  18. There's a dude I work with who's from Cincinnati, and he said he played that all the time in Kentucky, if that gives you any sort of indication as to what kind of game it is... Get your minds out of the gutter Shife! Honestly! I expect better from you.

    Nah, I'm just messin' with ya. It looks like a fun game though. Kinda shuffleboard meets horseshoes. Go and play some virtual cornhole here


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