Random Acts of Shifeness

  • Random Acts of Shifeness will continue after this message from our sponsor, Match.com

  • If you ever wake up with a Michael Bolton song stuck you know it is going to be one of those days.

  • Speaking of horrible music, have you been Rickrolled yet? Rickrolling is a new trend in online posting, in which a link is apparently provided to a seemingly interesting source, when in fact, it is a link to a Rick Astley video, "Never Gonna Give You Up".

  • I just got my batch of Girl Scout cookies, and those effin' Samoa cookies are so delicious. I want Samoa soap, Samoa toothpaste, Samoa soft drinks, Samoa croutons. I think you get the picture.

  • The Ultimate Peep Show.

  • Check out this awesome picture. Absolutely amazing. I don't know how they did it.

  • Ask and ye shall receive. Billy Pilgrim wanted to see Quincy in action so I proudly present for your viewing pleasure, "The Attack of the Fat Basset."


  1. quincy seems to have mastered the dramatic pause. long may he act.

    me and the fast food princess spent a fair bit of time knocking on doors and hanging out in malls selling those cookies. i don't miss those days.

  2. I assume that youtube link you've titled as "picture" goes to the aforementioned video. Nice try Shife! Maybe next time! Anyway, I actually have already been rickrolled, although I love that song for it's comedic value, and sing it whenever possible so as to get it stuck in other people's heads.

    I mean, come on! Never gonna give, never gonna give!

    Solid gold baby. See you in May big guy. That's right, I'm scheduled to make a week and a half appearance in your part of the world in less than two months! Please begin preparations now.

  3. LOL. I effin hate those Samoa cookies... bleh. I despise coconut.

    LOL @ Peep show.

    I HAVE been Rickrolled and shame on you for trying. Sheesh. I do love that song and the pop-up version (why is this not on the air anymore?)of the video. Apparently the bartender showed up drunk for the shoot and had attitude. And they filmed it in one day.

    Samoa cookies, indeed.

  4. Yes, thank you for the Rickroll. I really needed a memory of junior high to make me shudder about a time when I wore my hair with the giant bow as well.

    Where on earth did you find "Peep Show"??? I'm still laughing at that picture.

    Samoas rule!!!

    -- P

  5. Hi, just thought I'd stop by for a visit after seeing you out and about for awhile now! Well, hello! This post was chock full o' delightful offerings: The bassett (magical), the rickrolling (I love to be rickrolled, who doesn't?), the memory of tasty tasty Samoas...

  6. Oh, and the Peeps conceptual art was pure genius.

  7. As I showed the image to my husband -- "get it - Peep Show" my daughter chimed in, "what's a peep show?" We quited her with some girl scout cookies.

    Have several boxes still in my living room to deliver/mail off. Samoas are good, but I could knock off a box of the Do-si-dos in seconds.


  8. I loved Rick Astley!

  9. I'm never gonna give you up, I'm never gonna let you down. I'll just stay around and hurt you. Or something like that right? rickrolled. Oh lord, LMAO. You are so funny, and I love your dog. He is adorable. The peeps, were freakin hilarious, and I love those Samoa cookies too.

  10. Love that Quincy! And loved he went for the cocked head moment and then came right at the camera...good boy Quincy!

  11. Quincy is so cute. I never knew you sounded so girly.

  12. Even though I knew that awesome picture link you had was in fact Rick Astley I still clicked on because I love that song. Because I really don't see anything wrong with a skinny white guy with red hair singing like a black man.

  13. Anonymous3/17/2008

    I love that Peep Show picture!

  14. dude... i am so with you on the samoas. i got a box stashed in my truck that i will share with no one. NO ONE! not even cheese knows about it. so love em, and that peep show pics is fucking great man, nice one!!!

  15. Rick Astley and Michael Bolton songs are the worst way to hear in the morning (perhaps Lil Kim's How Many Licks is a better choice?). The sad part is that I actually hummed these tunes as a teenager. Forgive me Mr. Shife for I have sinned:)

  16. Anonymous3/17/2008

    Okay, I fell for the Rickroll. I have an excuse though...my 2 year old was up most of the night last night so I'm not functioning on all cylinders...yeah, that's it!

    Quincy is so funny!!! LOL!!!

  17. I want to see the peeps floating in a pool of syrup using samoas as life-preservers, with Quincy standing at the side of the aforementioned pool of peeps'n'syrup, as if about nto dive in to rescue said peeps. All this Hassellhoffian action could be set to the soundtrack of the fabulous rick Astley's "Never going to give you up", implying Quincy's desire to rescue every peep before they perish. Save you a bunch of space...

  18. i can now safely say that it is indeed your voice I hear in my head. For the longest time I thought it was my conscience. but nope, its you.
    Rick Astley and Micheal Bolton should do a comeback tour together. The Tshirts alone would be worth it.

  19. Dammit!! Your picture link! My eyes, my eyes!! And now that song will be playing in my mind for the whole day!

  20. Awesome - I love the match ad take off! And now I kind of want to rickroll someone!

  21. hahaha Dammit, I got RickRolled

    Samoas!!! I friggin love those, but the girl scouts in this area seemed to have left me in my time of need this year...yea I think you need to send me a care package...uh huh.

    Awww the fat bassett is so sweet - i want one :)

  22. Seriously Somoa cookies are the BEST I never click on links and this time I did so you definitely got me.

    Brackets up best of luck

  23. So what's wrong with Rick Astley? His was the first cassette tape I purchased waaaaaaay back when!

    Quincy is such a cutie!!! You're one lucky man!

    I just got my shipment of GS cookies from Skii today! YAY!!!! And LOVED the "Peep show!"

  24. I have a theory about Somoas. If you were to actually decode the ingredients one the main ingredients is Crack. That is the only explaination for me waking up naked in my living room surrounded by empty somoa boxes.

  25. Anonymous4/10/2008

    Geez - I wish someone would Rick Roll me! I LOVE Rick!!! I have a thing for red heads.


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