Sunday, February 24, 2008

Picture time with Mr. Shife

Look what I found.

There is so much love about this image but my favorite part has to be: "Cougar model includes built-in bottle opener."

This is a bathroom sign in Japan. I love the stick-man penis in the top right image. And the bottom two are crazy funny. No fishing and no pilates?

Poor Grandma. First the reindeer ran over her ass over and now the remote is out to get her.

It was only a matter of time before Clifford's lipstick taught the kiddies a nice little lesson.

Phats is that you?


thisdayandage said...

I love camel toes and I love four popped collars. everyone feels that way though, so it pretty much goes without saying.

and as far as your post on my blog about the A-team...not that before my time. in fact, I used to watch it when I was little. I know the theme song and everything...and mr. t. don't even get me started on mr. t.

Ron, apparently said...

I get a camel toe when I put on my 1-piece motorcycle leather suit. It amuses my friends immensley, although I have tried to point out that is is,surely, due to my over-large genitalia and thus a subject of jealous distain more than ridicule, one would think...
Who's that tasty bird up there?

Phats said...

HAHA do you think that looks like me?! i think I am better looking for sure hahaha

I got a little worried at first when you said you mentioned me, and then I start reading at the top. I loved everything about this post!

tina said...

HHAAHAHA OMG I was laughing so hard, I had to go back min later to finish reading - cougar model!! lol

i think the last guy on left of the japanese sign is peeing like a dog haha too funny

Jillian said...

LMAO @ camel toe.

And what the hell do people do in the bathroom that they need signs like these??

And 4 popped collars?? That deserves a kick in the nuts!

Poor Grandma... although I wouldn't limit it to just Grandmas...

Robyn said...

LMAO! Camel toes to 4 popped collars! I am about to piss my pants from laughing so damn hard! Geesh! Where do you find these pics?!

thanks for the great laugh! Talk to you soon!


i too love bathroom sign humor! have posted lots of that wierd shit... anyway, fun post and enjoy yer week!

billy pilgrim said...

thanks for the info, i ready to take a leak in japan now.

i can't figure out if my host's don't want drinking out of the bowl or throwing up into it.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

As far as that toilet pic goes, is the guy doing an "upper decker" in the one shot? His butt doesn't look quite high enough.

tiggysmum70 said...

The pictures are great! Love the bathroom signs. I just don't think some with quite "get it" though. LOL

Have a great week!

angel, jr. said...

The coolness picture makes the most sense!

Jon said...

If I ever find four collars guy, he's getting sucker punched.

Airam said...

That last one made me choke laughing! Four popped collars??? Oh Lord.

TOPolk said...


Who brings a fishing pole with them when they go to the bathroom? And even if you catch something, would you really want to eat it?

Ron, apparently said...

Mrs. Ron had decided she aspires to be a "Cougar". Quite how this becomes a choice, let alone how one achieves "cougarness" remains to be seen, but be sure I'll keep you informed.

Big Ben said...

I'm so afraid of lipstick dog dicks, I'm getting a female dog for sure unless there is some kind of dog dick guide that can tell me the normal dick dogs.

I love collar guy too.

cher said...

"Cougar model includes built-in bottle opener."


oh, and i guess i will have to find somewhere else to do my pilates if i go to japan.

the clifford thing is funny. but your comment about it was what brought it to greatness.

oh, and that is so totally phats.

Anonymous said...


Now I know where to go to get my camel toe!

What IS that last picture of on the Japanese bathroom signs? I'll remember to be very careful when my Japanese friends come over to my house to use the bathroom. I'll have none of that...whatever the hell it is!!

And the dude with the 4 popped collars...he needs some medication or a kick in the nuts as others here have suggested.

HEY, I'm not a grandma and that's what our remote looks like to me. What are you trying to say...that I'm stooopid? ;-)

Cecile said...

Very funny stuff.

Ms. Moon said...

I completely relate to the grandmother's remote cartoon. That is so me. Sometimes I have to call my daughter at college to ask her how to make the TV quit "doing that." She always tells me, too.
It's sad.

Design Goddess said...

Hmmm...I thought the bottom right pic meant "No peeing like a dog."

Rose said...

Who would ever thought that there would be such a thing as a camel toe cup?

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