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I apologize but my creativity is lacking as I am still getting my ass handed to me by this cold of mine. Good times.
Well the new TV season kicked off last week, and not much caught my eye. I did enjoy Chuck on NBC. It comes on right before Heroes and it was an entertaining show. Speaking of Heroes, the premiere was not too shabby. I am also looking forward to Pushing Daisies on ABC. I was a little disappointed with the original CSI's premiere because I wanted a certain character to take a dirt nap. Mrs. Shife and I said good-bye to Grey's Anatomy - just got tired of that show. Still watching The Office and 30 Rock. I saw parts of Journeyman and it wasn't that bad, but I don't know if I will commit. I heard Life was good as well.
So what is on your must-see TV list?


  1. I too, wanted a certain CSI character to take a dirt nap, as I've never been a fan of the character.
    However, dirt nap or not, she's not around much longer. She's leaving in November.

  2. Hmm, let's see. I'm enjoying Chuck as well, and of course Heroes seems to be going strong like you said. I agree that Grey's is on the decline. I joked with my wife that after last week's episode, the expression "Jumped the Shark" could be replaced by "Saved the Deer". It was ridiculous. Also, that Private Practice spinoff looks like garbage for some reason. Very strange.

    I'm enjoying that new show "Back to You" with Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton. It's fairly funny, and they're both great. Plus, Fred Willard's on it too, and he's always good for a laugh.

    Umm, Earl and The Office are still worth watching. That's about it as far as "Must See" stuff goes. I'm also looking forward to Pushing Daisies though. I hope that one's good.

  3. Anonymous10/02/2007

    I also gave up on Grey's. The Office rocked last Thursday that is my must see TV night!! LOL I'm also enjoying Cane =) woohoo So bascially I can't miss Cane or The Office.

    Oh and yes I agree with The Duck....Back To You is really funny. I actually laughed outloud several times.

  4. Definitely Heroes. I saw my first it's season premiere and I'm hooked. Definitely going out today to buy Season One on DVD to get caught up. Didn't have time last year with my hectic schedule.
    Still liking "How I Met Your Mother". Not too thrilled with "Grey's" right now. Definitely not watching "Private Practice"--couldn't stand Addison on Grey's, why would I watch her on another show.
    I am also fascinated by "The Big Bang Theory". Maybe because I can identify some of my friends on it.

  5. If it weren't for Tivo, I don't know how'd I'd manage. Some highlights from the Season Pass List:

    *Love Earl and The Office (I loved the Brit version and was worried that this one wouldn't make it - glad it did!)
    *Heroes - awesome!
    *The Soup - for my current events
    *Monk and Psych when they are on - I'm getting used to the short seasons
    *Bones and House
    *CSI and Survivor

    Yeah - I watch way to much TV, but I do multitask when I do watch it!
    Oh, and I'm getting back into Days, but I listen on the radio whilst I work, so I don't actually "watch" it.

  6. Anonymous10/02/2007

    Tell Me You Love Me on HBO. Yeah, I go for the smut.

  7. i didn't find myself laughing as much at the office last week. i don't know if it's just me or it's losing its edge. i hope it doesn't get as lame as earl.

    i await 30 rock.

  8. I watch way too much TV so I could only take on one new show this season. Still watching House, Earl, and the Office, so as long as playoff baseball is still going on, that already accounts for too much time in front of the box. House may lose me soon, which is sad, because Hugh Laurie is so FAB.

    So: I chose Journeyman, because I likes me some Kevin McKidd, but I'm not completely committed yet. If it doesn't hold up, I'll experiment with Chuck and/or Heroes.

    once the MLB playoffs are over, and if the Bruins don't grab me, we shall see...

  9. until you get your own TV show, I won't bother getting cable.

  10. I am loving Chuck and will commit to that. Joureyman I am still on the fence with. I will need to see another episode or two before I decide if it is a keeper or not.

    Dirty Sexy Money is interesting. I think of it as Desperate Housewives about guys. Cane also has some good things... namely Jimmy Smits.

    Heroes is looking good as well. Also can't wait to see what happens on Lost.

  11. It is impossible to tell whether you are little folk or a bumbler.

  12. I like Chuck, but I can't see it lasting very long. Besides, Jayne Cobb - oh wait, wrong show - John Casey is suppose to kill him in six months.

  13. Jumping in a little late on this one, My Name is Earl kills me. I also love all the dance contests (men in sequins!). I liked Grays until it went stupid and Brothers and Sisters until it became silly. My all-time fave is Dexter.


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