Kodak Moment

A picture is a worth a thousand words, but today is your lucky day and I only need about 15 or 20. I found these photos and they are quite amusing, but they would be even funnier with a clever caption from you beloved reader.

A) It's Hairy Potter

B) You should see his sister's shirt

Have a great weekend.


  1. Haha the cock shirt is great on so many levels. Possibly the OU guy was just pissed that Boise State had run another trick play to perfection and it wasn't even against them?


  2. 1)"Not between those uprights!"
    2) The Twenty Year Old Virgin

  3. a. those lousy koreans wouldn't accept my half off coupon for the wax job.

  4. A) They also etched a lightning bolt, but I'd have to remove my pants to show you

    B) Thank God the star quarterback for South Carolina isn't named "Small"

  5. Anonymous10/19/2007

    LoL I'm no clever, but I like everyone else's responses.

  6. People are such twats, aren't they.

  7. I'm not sure if the dude with the cock shirt plans to land any dates with the ladies. What do you think? Hehehe. Thanks for the laughs

  8. a.) Don't worry, the hair will all grow back by the 4th quarter.

    b.) I've got nothing.

  9. There are so many bad t-shirt possibilities when you bring the word Cocks into the picture. I've seen several humorous Gamecock t-shirts, but that one is has to be one of the funnier ones. GO COCKS!


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