I have the fever

Since this blog is called Confessions of a Dumb, White Guy, I better acknowledge to you my wonderful blogging friends that I am indeed an all-American dork. I am pretty reserved and quiet and for me to draw attention to myself is fairly unusual. Unless of course I have been drinking then I am a swirling vortex of socialness. You get the picture – shy when I am sober and social dynamo under the influence.

Anyway, there is the rare occasion when I throw caution to the wind and go commando. And when I say go commando I mean I let go of my inhibitions and not my underwear. Just wanted to clear that up. Well it happened this week.

If you have seen the Will Ferrell cowbell skit then you will understand my story. If you have not seen the skit, do a Google search for Will Ferrell cowbell and then read the rest of my story.

Here is the story – I got a flu shot this week at work, and you have to fill out a form before you get the shot. The form is pretty standard, but I left one question blank because I am sick right now. The question: Do you have an illness or a fever? I told the nurse I did not have an illness but I was sick. She then asked if I had a fever, and I replied no. Some of you already can see where this is going I am sure, but wait for it. She then asked if I was on any medication, and I told her I was on a decongestant. She then asked me again if I had a fever, and I said no again. But now in my head I am seeing the Will Ferrell cowbell skit, and I tell myself if I get asked one more time about a fever I might have to be a smart ass. While I am plotting, the nurse calls over another nurse and they discuss my situation. Then the nurse that got called over went ahead and did it, “Do you have a fever?” And I said it, “I need more cowbell!” The nurses looked at me like I had an axe in my hand, but one of my co-workers that was standing by me knew exactly what I was talking about and started howling.

Ahhhh, it was a beautiful moment. This is what Phats must have felt like at his first Purdue football game or what Cher felt like when she first met me online.

Have a good weekend.


  1. i've got a fever...and the only percription is more cowbell!! man i love that skit! it's one of the absolute best.

    And, man. you tagged it. that is exactly how i felt when i first met you online!

    I would have been laughing so hard if i had been that nurse...and of course, you know i now wish i was.


  2. oh ya, and if i had been that nurse for real, i would have insisted on checking your prostate.

  3. simply awesome. one of the best skits ever.

    did you see when queens of the stone age performed on SNL and ferrell came out with the cowbell and same outfit from that skit to play with them on stage? it was fantastic. look that up on youtube if you haven't seen it.

  4. you had a real nurse giving the shots? lucky you

    some pimply faced kid from the mail room gives us shots.

  5. HA! That's hilarious I wish I would have been there I would have cracked up.

    I like seeing my name on posts, like cher I am an attention whore for sure.

  6. just came by again to see you my name on your blog.

  7. Anonymous10/05/2007

    Do you know what they put into flu shots?

  8. I know you seem to make an effort to not visit the new team blog I started up, but Travis posted something that you simply need to respond to. Go check it out:

    Awesome Amalgamation

  9. I had a headache all through my first two years of medical school. And whenever the school nurse asked me if I had a headache I said no because I was so use to it that it became commonplace. Maybe I should have said cowbells instead.

  10. Indeed that's a classic skit!! I love the one with Christopher Walkin. You know that's a great idea. Next time I get asked that question, I'll use that line. Thanks for the idea! Have a good weekend. I'm just starting the fun:)

  11. I love moments like that!

    BTW, see ya on Maury! I'm fighting for custody!

  12. I noticed the Duckster calling you out for lack of participation over on the AA site, but has he weighed in on my little problem?



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