Random Acts of Shifeness

  • Are you sick of OJ yet?
  • The last time I checked Halloween is Oct. 31, correct? It is crazy that stores have already rolled out their Halloween collection.
  • Speaking of Halloween coming early, I got my bolts for my Frankenstein costume already. What? I got two large zits on my neck and they hurt like hell. Anyway they were positioned right where Frank’s bolts would be.
  • And since I am on the subject of zits on my neck, which one do you like – acneck or neckne? Or you could just go with zits on the neck. If you fellow bloggers want to get together and discuss names for zits on other parts of your body, then let me know. For example, I imagine dickne would not be pleasant.
  • I am making my home debut at the University of Idaho this Saturday. Going up with some friends to watch the Vandals play some football.
  • And here is some exciting news – I picked up my first cold of the season. Awesome. I went to bed last night at 7 p.m. That is balls-to-the-walls excitement right there people. Where is my reality show?

Have a great weekend.


  1. Hello Shife
    Enjoy your weekend, I predicted a Vandals win, but if that doesn't come true well it wasn't my fault!

    Hmm they seem to be rolling out holiday stuff earlier and earlier don't they. I am still not sure what I am even doing for Halloween.

    Have a great time at the Idaho game

  2. i am just sick of the really pulpy oj.

    costco had halloween stuff out weeks ago, and i'm not even kidding when i say they already have christmas stuff out. CHRISTMAS STUFF DUDE!!!!

    i love neckne. that is one of the most fun things to say ever! neckne. neckne.

    that sucks that you are sick. especially when you have plans.
    have a great weekend tiger! roar!!

  3. I've had testne and it is not pleasant. It felt like I had accidentally got them caught in my zipper in one of those quick zips. Not an experience to have again, but I would imagine putting any sort of acne medication on them would hurt--as when I was younger, I accidentally splashed some cologne down there and that stung.

  4. I vote neckne.

    I have the opportunity to see RCPM again next week. They are playing in Baltimore which is like an hour or so away. Not super familiar with the city. The only person who would actually go with me is already going to another concert that night. Wanna move to DC/Baltimore for a night?

  5. I've been sick of OJ since 1995.

  6. i'm going with acneck, it reminds me of those darling aliens in mars attacks.

  7. Dickne would not be a pretty site.

    As my Irish buddy would say, it would not be the May West.

  8. Halloween in Sept... Christmas before Oct. 1??? WTH! Anyway, I hope you are feeling better by now!


  9. I like neckne. Has a nice ring to it.

    Hope you're feeling better. As you know, I just got over my first, and hopefully my only, cold of the season!

  10. Sick of OJ? I think his life might make a terrific reality show: Will he be found guilty of anything other than flaming narcissism?

  11. THe local Walmart already has inflatible Christmas decorations out on the shelves.

    Neckne gets my vote.

  12. I've been sick for a couple days now. Neckne sucks, but not as much as lipne! And I ignore OJ at all costs.


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